Natalie Rohman

A Chicago Girl Paving Inspiration

5 to Try

Over the past couple of weeks, I have picked up a few new things to try out and experiment with. I was kind of in the mood for new makeup and needed a couple replacement products for things that I have used all the way up. Since it's almost spring, I have really focused on getting things that w…

Mini Too Faced Haul

I am sort of getting back onto my feet after a couple weeks of pain and sadness, so bear with me. If you'd like to know what happened, you can read about it all here. I'm not gonna get into any of it because I want to slowly get back into writing and I also found some great products over t…

A Tribute to my Best Friend

It's hard. It's insanely hard.

There's no way I can fully describe the way I'm feeling because there are just so many things going on in my brain. I'm trying not to shake as I type this and I'm trying to swallow back tears as I stare at this picture while I write. I thought…
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