Natalie Rohman

A Chicago Girl Paving Inspiration


My Thoughts on Delayed Gratification

I have the tendency to believe that a lot of things in life are a constant waiting game. We are always after something in the future, a proposed goal or ambition, and we are counting down the days until we get there. I know I get very psycho-analytical on my blog—a bit deep at times—and am in no w…

A Note on Purpose

Many times do I find myself in silence, either right before bed or as soon as I wake-up. Times I think to myself what needs to be accomplished the next day and making lists or to-dos in my head. I have this obsession with creating lists and "next steps" for what needs to get done and to …

My Three Last-Minute Makeup Items

On days when I just can't bear to wake up at 7am, or any normal day really, I try to minimize the number of steps I have to take in my morning routine. Wearing makeup has become less and less of an event in the morning. I remember in middle and high school I would dedicate a half hour to hair …
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