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June Obsessions | Gossip Girl, Yoga, Applesauce, and Ellie Goulding?

Wow! The first month of summer is almost officially over! You know what that means... Obsessions!!!!! I decided to discuss my obsessions for this month and hope I can share them with all of you!

When you don't know what to write about...

There comes a time when a writer gets to a point during their writing journey where they have absolutely no idea what to write about. I was that writer. What a better way to get over writer's block by writing about writer's block! And I am going to tell you all about how I normally get ove…

How I Edit My Photos...| Photography 101

I was recently asked to do this blog by the amazing beauty blogger, Charlotte Crowder [] and I have received many questions from people on how I edit my instagram pictures. 
Here are the basics: 
> I mostly use my Iphone 6 to take my Instagram pictures
> I always …

Maybelline's Color Tattoos | review

Maybelline Cosmetics is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands and I have recently heard about these 24 hr color tatoos and was pretty impressed. They are cream eyeshadows that tend to work as a primer as well! I personally think these do stay true to the 24 hour staying power.
They retail eac…


It's that time again!! My mom and I just went to Bath and Body Works for their semi annual sale and gosh did I find a lot! From candles, body sprays, lotions, creams, candles and much much more. Having a giftcard to BBW already was a total plus because I needed to stock up on my favs! 
The sal…

Top 5 summer Nail Polishes

Doing my nails is like mowing the lawn. It's a chore ladies. However, when I do my nails I have some of my favorite nail polishes for summer to share with you guys!
This first nailpolish is one of my favorite blue shades for the summer. It is a bright cobalt blue and you only need one to two c…

Dealing with Flying Anxiety

Flying anxiety. The fear of flying. I am scared of being airborne. 
Ever since I was really little I have had a fear of being trapped in an aluminum tube that is shot into mid air and I have had to tolerate the terrifying ups and downs of turbulence. 
Thoughts that go through my head:
1) I am goin…

7 Beauty Must-haves 2015

To kick off summer I would like to start by sharing my top 7 summer beauty must-havs for this year! 
Since most of us will be in the sun this year, staying protected from the sun's harmful rays is my top priority whenever i'm outside. Usually I think i'm okay without sunscreen, gosh am…

My Summer Goals for 2015

SUMMER. Sandy beaches, cold drinks, cool nights and campfires, exotic vacations and many memories are made by people who don't spend their summer inside cuddled up in their dark, unfinished basement watching marathons of Sherlock and eating crap until 1 a.m. like me.

So this year I have come up…

How photography changed my life...

Photography for me has been an interest since I was 12. I never knew that you could take a picture so many different ways and change a perspective to affect someone else's view on something. Capturing life and capturing moments is something that i truly love.  You can always alter a picture and…

Welcome to my blog!!!

Hi!! Welcome to my first ever blog and I get to share everything with you guys! So lets get to know me so I can get to know you!
What is your full name? Natalie Anne Rohman
What is your age currently? 15
What is your birthdate? August 22,1999
Height? 5'8
What will be on these blogs you say? I w…
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