Dealing with Flying Anxiety

Flying anxiety. The fear of flying. I am scared of being airborne. 

Ever since I was really little I have had a fear of being trapped in an aluminum tube that is shot into mid air and I have had to tolerate the terrifying ups and downs of turbulence. 

Thoughts that go through my head:

1) I am going to crash and die
2) Who on the flight looks like a potential terrorist
3) Where are the exits
4) I am okay
5) I am not okay
6) If I die, who is going to remember me?
7) I'll be on the news...
8) I can't say goodbye to my family
9) What about the people I left at home... and much much more...

Now don't get me wrong, I love travel. I love the feeling of being in a new place with new people and new sites to see. When I'm older hopefully I get to travel around the whole world. Now why did we have to invent the airplane, well for one thing, I could be at my aunt's house in less than three hours by plane and I don't have to listen to my little sister blast Ariana Grande on a 14 hour car ride. Air travel is one of the world's greatest privileges. I just hate it. 

I hate going through security and having to feel guilty and scared like they're going to suspect I'm a terrorist (I'm not thanks). I hate taking off my belongings and trusting the airport with my things. I hate having to eat before I fly because my stomach is already twisting in knots before we reach the terminal. I hate waiting to board the airplane, it's like waiting for my death call. I hate entering the plane and and everybody staring at me like I am a criminal. I hate having to decide where to sit. Window seat or aisle seat. Never the middle. I hate the sounds on an airplane. The blasting air conditioner and beeps and revs of the engine. I hate driving to the runway. I hate lift off. I hate the whole ride. 

I love landing. Land. Sweet land. 

Now how did I cope with flying to experience all of that? Well when I was little I had many stuffed animals and my parents with me to keep me moving and distracted. I even had Mr. Sketch markers and would bring them in my little barbie backpack so I could smell them whenever, wherever. Yeah it was probably promoting hallucinogens and wasn't good for my health every time I got nervous but, damn was it a great placebo effect. (Now c'mon people I wasn't addicted to smelling markers. Hasn't every kid done something like that?).  As of today, I have my phone, music, books, homework (lots of it), and my journal. 

> keeping myself distracted
> keeping myself comfortable
> keeping myself from having to go pee

Are all the things I try to focus on and do while I'm traveling. Flying is just something all humans are going to have to do at some point. I just need to learn to overcome this fear of flying because the chance of actually crashing on a plane are 1 in a million.  I always focus on the destination. What I am going to do and who I am going to see.

Flying will be okay. I am okay and everything will be fine.

Xoxo Nat


  1. Love your blog! xx I hate it when my ear gets blocked and turbulence and I get uncomfortable and claustrophobic, and the waiting... But I still love flying, because I love the destination. And just focusing on where you are going and planning what to do when you get there is probably the best way to get over the fear.

    1. Wow thank you! Yeah it's hard to find people that can relate to me! And ikr the destination is always what keeps me going! I am so glad you love my blog and I will make sure to head onto yours! I appreciate your interest so much!

      xoxo N

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