My Summer Goals for 2015

SUMMER. Sandy beaches, cold drinks, cool nights and campfires, exotic vacations and many memories are made by people who don't spend their summer inside cuddled up in their dark, unfinished basement watching marathons of Sherlock and eating crap until 1 a.m. like me.

So this year I have come up with a list of, not resolutions but, goals for myself. So I can make more of the time I have during summer instead of wasting it on Benedict Cumberbatch ;) (but i mean c'mon)

Summer 2015 Goals

> Go outside and have some fresh air
> See friends more
> write on my blog
> take pictures
> try something new
> eat something new
> listen to new music
> stop worrying about stupid things
> exercise and eat healthier
> do a good deed for someone 
> experiment with new hairstyles
> travel
> go on an adventure through the woods
> go camping
> see family

I'd like to add so much more but yall would probably get really bored haha. These are some of my things that I would like to accomplish over this summer!

Leave comments below and tell me what you guys would like to do this summer!

Xoxo Nat

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