My Shelf Staples: Winter Skincare & Warm Fragrance

It's that time of year again—brisk sub-zero mornings and very deceiving sunshine. And yes, dry dry skin from walking Cooper on my lunch break. The winter nips have gotten the best of me, so I thought it was time to update you all with what's on my skincare shelf this month. 

I love these rattan shelves by the way. I think they're from Five Below? At some point I needed to find something to fill up this blank corner next to my desk and these were perfect for holding some of my essential skincare items and perfumes I reach for on the daily. It's a designated spot and excuse to clutter up with all of my favorites, so let's dive in! 

Eau de Parfum 
I don't talk a lot about perfumes as much as I used to mainly because my favorites haven't changed all too much. I'm also usually the type to use them sparingly so they don't run out. Winter is when I love to wear warm and spicy scents—I'm not to keen on the sweet, vanilla-y perfumes. A hint of musk and some type of woodsy note draws me in! 

Chloe Nomade- This mother of a bottle on the bottom shelf was a big holiday splurge for me, but when you find your perfect scent—I think it's worth buying the full bottle. This is a warm floral with notes of freesia, oakmoss, and mirabelle plum liquor...sounds decadent right? It's definitely one of those head-turning scents and is the perfect blend of spice and sweetness for fall and winter. 

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede- A cult classic and a fragrance I've held onto for a while because I can't justify wearing it as an every day perfume. This is definitely a brighter floral with notes of peony, red apple, and jasmine. It's a very flirty scent and I always like to just dab it on my neck and wrists before I go out. 
Pour Le Visage
Onto the face! I'm all about the moisture and hydration—"slugging" if you will. The more creams and preventative lotions I can put on my face the better. My skin transforms during this month while it figures out how to adapt to the snippy chill—a never ending story I suppose. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask- So, apparently this lovely ingredient squalane with a pro-biotic derived complex are the best concoction for treating ultra-dry skin. Both add visibly hydrated and glowy skin and act as a moisture barrier to mimic the skin's natural lipids...a lot of science there, but hey! It works wonders. I'm already a fan of this water sleeping mask and douse my face in it before I go to bed, waking up feeling hydrated and fully refreshed. Best for days when my skin really needs it. 

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream- When I'm feeling like my skin is in an okay place (rarely), I will opt for a light moisturizer. Since I do have acne prone skin, this is usually my go-to anyway but since it's winter, I'm switching out and rotating moisturizers. This cream in particular is the best daily moisturizer for me. It has hyaluronic acid which is great for strengthening your skin's moisture barrier and balance out complexion. 

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment- I constantly rub my eyes during the day and night. They're usually dry, itchy, or just tired to be honest. I am always opting for a super rich eye cream and have never been let down by Kiehl's. This eye cream features avocado oil which smooths, de-puffs, and brightens. I will slather this puppy on every night—no more itchy, dry eyes! 

Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment- Dr. Jart is my BFF and now is this product. It is a green-to-beige transforming cica cream that neutralizes redness and evens your skin tone. The perfect fix for red and dry skin, especially when you have to hop on Zoom calls and don't have the extra minutes to fully conceal. I've constantly dealt with uneven skin and skin pigment, so this has just been a lifesaver of a product—have no fear, the green actually does go away so you don't end up looking like Shrek LOL 

I hope everyone has been staying warm this month, how have you been treating your winter skin lately? 

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