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Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl | Review

> Ready Set Gorgeous Liquid Foundation  $6.99 at Target 
This foundation is so great for this season. I find that Covergirl's foundations are always the best quality and consistency. The formula is creamy and light. It sort of acts as a timted moisturizer! 
This foundation is great for make…

Fun Day at the Zoo!! | pictures

Here are some pictures I had taken on my camera today!

We had a great time at Brookfield Zoo (my mom, dad, sister, and two little friends I nanny). 

                Petting zoo...

Being Happy

Being someone in the middle of their highschool career, talk about the future—my future— is just a bit away. I have been through this with my older sister who is now going to be a junior in college and my turn will be before you know it.

My Summer Shower Routine

Hello Ladies! Today I wanted to share with you my summer shower routine because— let's face it— it's hot. And when there's hot, there's sweat. Who doesn't love a long, refreshing shower after a long day out in the sun? 

1) Okay okay, before I start to get in the shower, I make sure I have everything I need. Shampoo, conditioner, all of that...

2) I usually start with a rinse and then I start with my hair. I think it makes sense to wash your hair then body because all of that used hair product will fall onto your already clean body anyways. 

So I like to use Herbal Essences Body Envy volumizing shampoo and conditioner. 

This citrus scent is so refreshing for this season and it makes me wanna eat it! It gives my hair volume and softness and smells amazing when it dries. 
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