Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl | Review

> Ready Set Gorgeous Liquid Foundation  $6.99 at Target 

This foundation is so great for this season. I find that Covergirl's foundations are always the best quality and consistency. The formula is creamy and light. It sort of acts as a timted moisturizer! 

This foundation is great for makeup beginners or girls that just don't wanna feel like they're wearing a ton of makeup on their face. Especially for summer; because it's hot and sweaty and just gross. 

This product is actually very easy to travel with! On a plane, in a train, or just a roadtrip! It's practical and affordable!

> Ready Set Gorgeous Powder Foundation $6.99 at Target

Now this powder is Heaven! It covers all of my blemishes without having to even use liquid concealer or foundation! It doesn't have a "translucent" color in the collection like Rimmel's Stay Matte does but, it does the job of looking like foundation and feeling like nothing on the skin. No oil, no mess! Sometimes, I'll just go without heavy makeup and just wear this powder. It does the job!

It's really a great powder for everybody. Many colors to choose from and everyone's happy!

> Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer $5.99 at Target

Ahhhhhh!!! Behold!!! The best drugstore concealer I have ever used!!! 

This is one of the most moisturizing concealers I have ever tried! It doesn't leave creases or dries out and there is so much product inside the little tube, you won't run out of this amazing product! 

Literally my go-to everyday. They have many colors to choose from and it immediatley brightens up my eyes! 

Five stars for this one Covergirl! 

Covergirl never disappoints me and they keep making great products. 

You can also find these items at:

-Cvs and Walgreens
-Sally's Beauty Supply

Please go try these products out because they're all truly worth it for this summer and upcoming school year (eeeek)! 

Xoxo N


  1. Love the post gal!! These all sound really cool and I haven't used this brand before but it sounds really awesome xoxo

    1. Thanks! I love Covergirl! Its one of my faves! Xoxo

    2. Anytime lovely!! and yeah it sounds great!! xxx