My Camera | Canon EOS T5i

Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick camera review for all of you bloggers and readers! 

This is my Canon Eos t5i camera with a 15-88mm lens. The lens is just the basic, mass produced, lens that comes with all Canons. 

Where I bought it:

A lot of people think that having a brand new camera is the way to go. Now in some cases it is but, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars? No one. 

So I bought this camera Refurbished on Amazon.

Refurbished is when there's a product that may have had imperfections at the beginning, sent back to the company to get totally fixed and inspected, and sold for so soooo much less. And it was all worth it.

The camera came within two days with free shipping! Soo fast. And the camera itself is completely spotless. 

It's a beautiful camera and everything about it is perfect. 

What it comes with:

-the camera body
-18-55mm lens
-charger and battery

It also comes with a flip out screen for those youtuber wannabes! :) 

Now I do recommend buying a bundle on Amazon (they usually contain other lenses, a case, tripods, and other crap haha) but, I decided to just start with the camera and buy the tripods and case later. 

This camera has so many modes to choose from and so many settings. I am so excited to bring it with me everywhere and improve my photo game. 

-creative auto
-special scene mode... And many more.

This is one of the best cameras for starters and I highly recommend!

I hope this helped and if you have any questions, leave them down below!

I will definately be using this camera for all of my posts from now on.

Xoxo N


  1. I didn't know Amazon had a refurbished section! I'll have to have a look, hopefully I'll be just as lucky and be able to find something great for a fraction of the price :)

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    1. Yeah! It's totally worth checking out! It's so worth it! Thanks for reading and I'd love to check out your blog! Xoxo


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