My August Goals.

Oh August. 
The beautiful month. My beautiful birthday month. A month where I feel like everything aligns. Everything always feels right during this time of the year. It always feels like August was just yesterday. The harvest of summer. The sun beating just right. The days still long, but time slows down a bit going into the emergence of fall. Maybe that's just the leo in me speaking. 

My previous post talked about slowing down. A sentiment I still hold true for this month and what's to come of it. There is so much more to discover this month and new explorations: of me and my surroundings. It almost feels like I've frozen the record for a moment, picked it up to inspect the disk, and put it back to keep on playing its sweet melody (shoutout if you still know what a record is...). 

This month, the record keeps on playing. I've got a lot in store and am hopeful for the warmth August brings.
01. Only 15 more days—two weeks—until I leave for Italy with my cousin. We have finally booked everything. From our accommodations to our tours and activities. Thankfully, I have the advice from my neighbor who just went to Italy and my sister who just got back from Europe this past weekend to console with about my packing choices, places to visit and eat, travel restrictions, and recommendations from their recent traveling. 

I know I will most definitely be packing light. As much as I want to bring really cute outfits and accessories, I know for a fact I will not want to be bothered with lugging around a ton of stuff. A backpack, purse, and a small carry on is all I'm bringing. I'm committed. Although I've been asking others what the one toiletry they stand by—I heard "lotion" and "deodorant" so I think I'm set...the anticipation builds and I can't wait to share that story on here soon. 

02. I've always championed investment in "me time". The hustle of summer plans puts that on hold, but I also realize that every season brings its own vibe. Its own version of "me time". Such as, choosing to read a book outside or cozying up and drinking a cup of tea. I have the power to make and prioritize that time for myself nor should I have to defend it. #leo

03. Making moves. Career moves. I just transitioned into a new Strategic Planning role with my company, Golin! Ever since I graduated, I knew this path is where I wanted to be. And with a company and team of co-workers I truly have gotten to love working with this past year. It's not so much as a promotion, but I treat it as such. A "pivot" I would say. It will allow me to build off of my research and insights roots and challenge my creative side more. I will be working on some fun brands like McDonald's, Grubhub, Ferrara, and Allstate. After onboarding just last week in the office, I will be kicking off some new discovery projects this week. 

04. Revisiting family is a big priority for me this month. Actually, in just three days I will be headed to southern Iowa to see my grandparents who I haven't seen since before the pandemic...three years ago. It will be a much needed reunion. It also is a place, a desolate and quaint place, for me to find inner peace. 

What more would you need from corn fields, barns, cows, and a ton of gravel roads? This is a necessary trip for me and my family. It will be a hard trip for me and my family. But I am embracing the love that will come from it. And the love that is to come from this month. 

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