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Maybelline "The Nudes" Palette | Review

My Pet Peeves | Everything that makes me annoyed

Hey guys! So I was thinking of doing a list of the things that make me crazy and see how many things I can come up with. Many people have things that annoy them and that's okay! Here's my list for your enjoyment (my friend Mikayla helped me out). 

What's In My Purse?

Hey guys! Today I'll just be doing a smaller post to show you what I have in my purse! Hope you enjoy!

So first off, my purse is a Steve Madden Grey Multi Satchel Cross body. Now I have been looking a ton for a link to buy this online and I couldn't find any website. Obviously, this is a past collection item purse because I found it at TJ Maxx for only $34.99! It was originally $88! I was so happy when I found it. I was needing a new bag anyways and my friend Ellie and I had both taken the last two bags on the rack! 

How To: Prepare for Your First Day of School

Hey guys! Long time no blog, right??

I hope all of your summers have been amazing! Whether you are going to start school, any grade level, or you still have time before you head back, I am here to help all of you guys to prepare for school! I am in high school so for me, it's grades 9-12. I hope this advice and these tips help everyone for back to school!


It's a great idea to lay out all of your supplies that you need for school and all of the supplies that you have already bought so you can easily find things you need.

Here is what I have (obviously, I don't have every single thing I need laid out for the purpose of the blog). 

The Essentials Shown...
  • backpack
  • lunchbox and Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer  
  • school computer (yes my school has a lot of money so, this year we all received chrome books)
  • computer case and mouse
  • calculator
  • water bottle (need to hydrate all the time!)
  • school agenda/planner/assignment notebook... whatever it's called :)
  • writing utensils/extra lead/highlighters/erasers
  • books and my cute moose folder :)
  • binder           

Camp 2015 | pictures

Hey guys! I am finally back from my long vacation! Here are some pics from the trip!

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