My Pet Peeves | Everything that makes me annoyed

Hey guys! So I was thinking of doing a list of the things that make me crazy and see how many things I can come up with. Many people have things that annoy them and that's okay! Here's my list for your enjoyment (my friend Mikayla helped me out). 

  1. When girls with long hair whip their hair in your face.
Like, please??? I mean first of all, it's gross. And second of all... it shouldn't need a second of all!

     2. Sloppy eaters... no explanation because no one will hear me with all of that chomping!

     3. When people, especially girls, don't blot their face from all of that oil buildup under their cake-y makeup.
    4. Miscommunication. 

The worst thing is when you are texting someone or you post something online and someone takes it way differently than you ever thought it would and next thing you know, everybody hates you. For something that wasn't a tad bit close to what you were thinking.

    5. Talking during movies... gosh just don't even come see it if you're just going to talk.

    6. Mosquitoes and bugs... and all bugs. 

    7. When no one freaking knows how to turn on the signal while driving!

I know you have one and I know you choose not to use it. And I still hate you.

    8. Trying to put a sports bra on right after a shower.

    9. Fire drills.

Gosh. The one thing I hate about school. I'm not even afraid of the fire itself. 

   10. Using the word "literally" incorrectly. Or even "legit" for that matter.

   11. Teen pregnancies.

Okay, this might be a bit harsh to have as a pet peeve but, stop complaining about your baby problems, it was you who had sex at 16. 

   12. Animal Cruelty.

   13. Stopping in the middle of a pathway.

I have probably walked into so many people throughout my school career it's not even funny.

  14. When you hold the door for someone and they don't say "thank you".

The worst rejection ever. Like dude. Or even when you ask someone how they are and they don't ask you. 

 15. Fangirls. 

NO. The worst thing ever is when a girl is overly obsessed with a celebrity and can't talk about or think about anything else.

 16. When people don't text you back but, you know they've read your text.

  17. Incompetent employees.

Like do your job please.

  18. Too much perfume or cologne.

  19. When people cancel on you.

I don't understand why you could do that to someone. It just gives them an idea that you're not as good as the offer they cancelled you for.

  20. When people cough, clear their throat in a gross way, or do something disgusting in general.

  21. When something I have been into for a while suddenly becomes popular.

  22. Breathing heavily. 

Is there a dog behind me???

  23. Smokers.

"I smell cancer!!"... 

  24. People that type loudly.

  25. When you try to hit the home button on your iphone but, Siri or Voice Control pops up and it takes forever to get back to the home screen.

  26. People that wear athletic clothes but, don't do a single thing of exercise. 

  27. When your hoodie pull-string disappears.

  28. Reality t.v.

We don't care about your life! No American has money. That's not reality!

 29. When people try to board the subway while people are trying to get off.

 30. Tangled earbuds.

 31. The duck face.

Just smile, okay?

 32. Saggy pants.

It's not okay. Please guys. Just pull them up.

 33. Tourists.

It's one thing to be a tourist and another to be a person that has to take a picture in front of EVERYTHING.

 34. When people waste water.

I saw you throw that full water bottle in the trash.

 35. People with bad handwriting.

Is it a "K" or a "Q"? Who knows.

 36. When people think they're "all that".

 37. People that need someone to be their messenger.

Sometimes I have to order something for a friend or tell someone something for them because they just "can't". Like, grow up please.

 38. When people touch you.

 39. When people copy you in every way.

Sometimes I take this as flattery but, other times, you just need to be yourself and stop following me.

 40. When people talk too loud.

I can hear you from a block down. Stop.

 41. When teachers try to bend over and help a student while all you get is butt in your face.

 42. Snickering teenagers.

I know you're talking about me, hon.

 43. When people smack their gum.

 44. When you burn a candle and you blow it out right before it reaches the edge of the jar.

 45. Ruined lipstick.

 46. When you can see the foundation that is clearly too dark on someone's face.

 47. When guys sit and open their legs really wide... or even girls.

Manners? Common etiquette? Maybe?

 48. When you can hear someone's music through there headphones.

 49. Rap music.

 50. When people don't pick up after their dogs.

***(Here's a birthday bonus because it's a special day for me!)

 51. When someone's Instagram bio is totally irrelevant and stupid.

I hope this was really interesting  to read through because I have a ton of pet peeves. Obviously, I don't want anyone to take these personally, I just thought some of few might relate to the things that make me annoyed!

Which numbers do you relate to?

Xoxo Nat 

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