The Cozy Capsule: Doc Martens & Fleece

My fashion goals lately have been to achieve optimal coziness but with a flare of course. Feeling or looking cozy is not synonymous with dressing too casual. I think you can be cozy on nights out, it just depends on how you accessorize. I've always loved warm browns, creams, and neutrals—add a bit of leather and fur and you've got the perfect getup for either a night by the fire or grabbing drinks at a Christmas pub. We've had some nippy evenings in the city as well, so I've been dressing to prepare for wintery commutes lately. 

Layers, layers, layers...
I am a firm believer in anything (faux) furry and cozy, and if you're looking for that perfect cozy gift to give, the Columbia Lodge Sherpa Pullover is what comfy dreams were made of. The right amount of warmth and fleece to not be over-bearing or make you sweat. I usually layer it with a turtleneck long-sleeve underneath and it has convenient pockets for your phone, keys, etc. for winter strolls. 

I'm also addicted to turtlenecks and cowl necks, but one article of clothing I've never worn is a turtleneck tank top? I was taking a peruse in Zara the other day and thought this knit top would be a great layer to have, especially when I go into the office and don't want to be sweating bullets all day with a big chunky sweater. 

It also is just way more flattering and slimming than a big knit sweater, but I can imagine it pairing nicely with these ultra cool 90s inspired fleece lined leather pants. I hopped on the trend and I am obsessed. You'd think they'd be the most uncomfortable pants ever, but I can assure you the fleece on the inside makes it feel like you're walking through clouds. 
Leather moments...
Always love a leather moment, and many of my classic looks are completed with a leather jacket, boots, or purse. Especially with all of that fur, it's a good textural balance and is also just really functional and easy to pair leather with whatever I'm wearing like denim or leggings. My key staple as of late have been my brown leather, fur-lined Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots. I've always goo-ed over these, especially because they're not like the regular combat boots and I will be honest, I haven't taken them off since last December. I just gravitate for them as any going out shoe as opposed to sneakers. 

Everyone I know says they take super long to break in, but I was good to go the first day after wearing them. Maybe the fur provides an extra barrier of cushion or my feet just molded to them, but I haven't had a single blister!

For my bag lately, I've been carrying around my Longchamp Le Pilage shoulder bag for when I'm not working from home and decide to take work to a local coffeeshop. I can just throw my laptop, charger, planner, phone, wallet, and maybe an extra hair clip or water bottle into it—zip it up—and feel confident knowing no one is going to reach in and take anything out. I don't know how people walk around the city with open tote bags—makes for an easy target if you ask me. 

I top the look off with a pom pom hat, maybe some shades, and can never forget my apple watch these days. My favorite feature is just being able to limit my notifications by just seeing who has texted me on my watch and not having to fully dig into my purse only to find I need to update my phone to the most recent version. Who would have known another piece of technology would actually make me more present than I was without it?

So, that's my cozy capsule! I'm not ready for another polar vortex, but if I have to be—I'll do it in style I guess. What are your key cozy essentials this winter? 

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