Natalie Rohman

A Chicago Girl Paving Inspiration

My August Goals.

Summer Flies, Honeybee
Here we are, a month later, carving out my goals for the next month—August! Leo season is now upon us and my birthday is up and coming towards the end of the month. July went by quick as I got my routine back together and returned from Europe. The first week of July I was in …

How to Get Through Creative Ruts

As I sit here, watching the rain pour outside my window, the only thing I am inspired by is the peanut butter toast waiting for me in the kitchen. I planned today to be a day to shoot and write, but Im really just feeling like I need a nap. The worst part about vacations is leaving that vacation a…

What Happens in Europe, Stays in Europe | My Study Abroad Experience

It felt like a dream.  One minute I was in Chicago, the next I was walking around the beaches of Cannes not missing any of Chicago's inclement weather, and breathing in the fresh French Riviera ocean air. A dream it was. Now that I'm finally home after three weeks, reminiscing all of the mo…
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