My August Goals.

Summer Flies, Honeybee

Here we are, a month later, carving out my goals for the next month—August! Leo season is now upon us and my birthday is up and coming towards the end of the month. July went by quick as I got my routine back together and returned from Europe. The first week of July I was in Spain, made a quick trip to Missouri to see some family friends, and finally got back into somewhat of a routine again. July has shaped up to be a productive month and August will be one of last summer vacations and productivity. Here's what you might see from me this month...

01. My internship! A week back from Europe I started my public relations internship with a small boutique PR agency called Papergirl PR & Marketing. I interviewed for a public relations position in May and just so happened that they were happy to have me on board with all of the experience I have had at DePaul. It all occurred very fast and now I'm doing work for their clients which are restaurants, cafes, and bars around Chicago. Some of these include Umbria Coffee, Weber Grill, The Beer Garden at Navy Pier, and more. I am thrilled to be working with the team and will share my experience as the month goes on. 

02. Getting back on it. I've felt out of sorts lately. Maybe it's because I have been away from a routine since the beginning of June, but I really want to find my footing again this month and get back to my organized and motivated self again. I want to try out new fitness classes, like barre or boxing, and take up new skills to get me motivated again. Possibly try out a new yoga studio? Read a book? I don't know, but hopefully, I can be less bored with the same old and more enthusiastic about trying new things this month. 
03. I would really like to get my camera back out again. I didn't take it to Europe, and I was a little disappointed that I didn't. However, carrying it everywhere and worrying about it getting stolen was going to be an anxious nightmare. This month I really want to go out and find some aesthetically pleasing fields or murals to take pictures at and try to test my photographic abilities with other subjects. As much as I love photos of me (ha), I also love taking photos of other people. A few months back I did graduation photos for a friend and realized how much I love going on photoshoots and making people look good—to say the least! 

04. My birthday! This year I turn the big 2-0 and am quite thrilled to be in my 20s. As much as I embraced my teenage years, I feel as though my maturity level has always been in my 20s. I haven't really made any plans for it yet, but I'm really into low-key birthday dinners and just a bonfire with friends. I just heard that Crate and Barrel has a new restaurant called Table at Crate, which I am eager to try out. Apparently, not all Crate and Barrels are transforming their stores yet, but it's a way to showcase their products which I think is brilliant. 

05. Sprucing up my portfolio. Over the three weeks, I was in Europe for the international advertising abroad program, I had the chance to work on creative campaigns for clients each week and execute advertisements to go along with it. All of which I am proud of and would like to showcase on my blog. By next month, I want to have all of those campaigns on here, which will be under my portfolio tab for you to explore!
This summer has been jam-packed with things to do and I am looking forward to a new month with new goals! It's always refreshing to turn the calendar and make a plan for the time being until I start school back up in September. Anything fun on the agenda this month?

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