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Christmas Ideas | 2015

Happy Holidays my lovelies! Whether or not you just had a big Thanksgiving feast or are preparing for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, I have a great treat for all of you! Now I know it may be too early but, I love Christmas season more than anything so why not start on Thanksgiving? Out with the turkeys and in with the Christmas trees for my family! I am so excited to get people presents and go out and see all of the Christmas lights and drink hot cocoa. So, here are some stocking stuffer/Christmas present ideas for anybody stock on gifts.

More Stationary? Yes Please!

1) "Thoughts and Doodles" Notepad, colored pencils, holiday cards, Giant Paperclip - Target 2) Doughnut Stickers - Meijer 3) Rings- forever 21, gifts, HM 4) Paris Map Sticky Notes- Office Depot
Mr. Fox? I think I got that as a gift haha. I have great friends.
I enjoy stationary so much t…

Pretty bits | More Fall Necessities

Hey everyone! I wanted to do some quick pretty bits to show everyone. So here are some more fall necessities everyone needs in their wardrobe this season!
1) Frilly Woven Scarves-American Eagle 2) Flannel-Kohl's 3)Chelsea Boots-American Eagle 4)Lace Socks-American Eagle 5)Gold Embellished Wall…
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