Christmas Ideas | 2015

Happy Holidays my lovelies! Whether or not you just had a big Thanksgiving feast or are preparing for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, I have a great treat for all of you! Now I know it may be too early but, I love Christmas season more than anything so why not start on Thanksgiving? Out with the turkeys and in with the Christmas trees for my family! I am so excited to get people presents and go out and see all of the Christmas lights and drink hot cocoa. So, here are some stocking stuffer/Christmas present ideas for anybody stock on gifts.

My favorite perfume this season has been Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and it's a very floral scent and it can come off very strong so I use it in small amounts. This perfume is not expensive at all, I would say that it's very reasonably priced and it's a bit smaller than the big size that they also sell in stores. This would be perfect for a girl friend or daughter or just any friend that loves smelling nice! I have also been loving Real Techniques brushes. I know pretty much everybody raves about Sam and Nic Chapman's famous line of brushes. I use these everyday and right around the holidays they have some nice deals on brush sets so it's a very great thing to get a hold of around the holiday season. They are really great quality as I use them every single day and they don't wear down at all and I simply wash them with Suave shampoo every two weeks or so and they're good as new!

Berry everything has been a must this season. Especially this Essie nail polish that I absolutely love! I never thought of wearing Berry or purple on my nails until I saw this shade. I really like the look of dark nails in the cold months and I think this makes any look really sophisticated and classy. These nail polishes are really great for gifts and they're great quality and come in many colors. 

I am also obsessed with MAC's eye shadows lately. They're not chalky, they have great pigments and formulas and they last a really long time so it's really worth the price. These are also great stocking stuffers too! Making palettes in the store is a great gift idea as well! You can choose many colors and customize your gift!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and gained some inspiration for the upcoming holiday season and are ready for some more holiday posts from me soon!

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Don't tell me you've already got your christmas tree up!?
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. Haha it's hard to believe isn't it? Christmas is my favorite time of the year! (Yes I'm that kind of person who decorates early) xoxo

  2. At least I'm not the only one who decorates early! Love the MAC Mulch Eyeshadow! Xxxx

    1. Haha I know! I love it so much! I recommend it! Xoxo Nat


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