What's In My Purse?

Hey guys! Today I'll just be doing a smaller post to show you what I have in my purse! Hope you enjoy!

So first off, my purse is a Steve Madden Grey Multi Satchel Cross body. Now I have been looking a ton for a link to buy this online and I couldn't find any website. Obviously, this is a past collection item purse because I found it at TJ Maxx for only $34.99! It was originally $88! I was so happy when I found it. I was needing a new bag anyways and my friend Ellie and I had both taken the last two bags on the rack! 

I did find a bag that sort of resembles this one and it's price on the Steve Madden website below:


So here are some pictures of the outside of the bag. It is light grey and dark grey with gold zippers and embellishments. It has a convenient strap and two little straps for wrist holding.

The first thing you notice are the two zipper pockets. And Steve Madden is written on both. (So you know it's legit haha). As well as, the little buttons on the outside and the tag on the inside.

Inside the pockets, there is a cute black and white chevron lining. And the pockets both have a decent amount of space.

I like to keep my elephant wallet (from Claire's haha Ik) and my Vera Bradley coin purse in the front zipper pocket so they don't fall out.

When you open it up, both pockets are connected with a magnet. On the inside you find a little zipper pocket and two pockets to hold things like your phone and gum.

In the main part of the bag, or in the middle, I hold my sunglasses case and a Seventeen magazine, because who wouldn't? Seventeen is great.

This case is just from the dollar store haha. But, it is very useful and durable! In the two pockets I just have gum and mints and my Blossom lipgloss (that I did in another blog post) and my Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial hand gel or hand sanitizer. 

My favorite gum because it tastes good and helps protect your teeth!

A classic just in case you need a bit more than gum.

Lip gloss:


Clean, clean, clean!!!

Coin Purse:


In the mini pocket, I just like to keep a cute bag to hold all of my lady supplies cuz you know... I'm a lady!

In the other big pocket I just have a pen in case I need to fill something out. And I have my phone in there as well. Sometimes I keep money, my schedule, or my school i.d. in the case but, I don't advise it.

I hope you guys liked my little purse tour! Tell me what's your must-have in your purse!

Xoxo Nat


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