Summer Breeze, Summer Ease

There are moments during summer where I find that the cicadas chirp louder than my thoughts, the heat beats heavier off of my skin, the sun radiates a bit too bright, and the days are just a little bit too long. We always think of this season as a break, when really, we're aching to make the most of every sliver of sunlight we get until we're quite literally—burnt out. 

The joys and radiation of this season over the years has left many beautiful memories, this one too, but lately I've been yearning for inner peace, calm, and for the days to just slow down a bit. To feel the easy summer breeze and just take a pause. 

And so—I return to this blog. A place where I have been able to slow down. I can sit back, tune out the cicadas, sip a glass of cabernet, Cage The Elephant hums in the background, and I write away. Just like I used to. Just like I committed to. Just like I loved to. 

I am at a point in my life where routine, ritual, and solitude are needed most. I've realized that this chick can't live without her peace. Her inner peace. Without disruption. Without interruption. I am definitely the type of person who needs to reset, recharge, and refuel her inner conscious. 

However, I do find myself also boosted by those around me. My support system. My family. My friends. My love. When life gets a bit too noisy—noisier than the thoughts in my head—I've got a pretty cool superpower to help me out. 

My love for myself. And those who remind me to do what makes me ME. 

Those who remind me of what makes ME happy. 

WHAT makes me happy. 

WHO makes me happy. 

And why I NEED to be happy for myself and only myself. 

- - -

On the flip side, I also need to remember the embrace and warmth summer brings. The life it brings to the apples of my cheeks. The hug it gives me every time I open my blinds. And no matter the millions of little love bites I get from mosquitos—I get a little comfort knowing I can take a deep breath and be at ease. 

That tomorrow is a new day. 

A new portrait to paint. 

A new clear day. 

It's only the beginning. 

- - -

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