My Summer Shower Routine

Hello Ladies! Today I wanted to share with you my summer shower routine because— let's face it— it's hot. And when there's hot, there's sweat. Who doesn't love a long, refreshing shower after a long day out in the sun? 

1) Okay okay, before I start to get in the shower, I make sure I have everything I need. Shampoo, conditioner, all of that...

2) I usually start with a rinse and then I start with my hair. I think it makes sense to wash your hair then body because all of that used hair product will fall onto your already clean body anyways. 

So I like to use Herbal Essences Body Envy volumizing shampoo and conditioner. 

This citrus scent is so refreshing for this season and it makes me wanna eat it! It gives my hair volume and softness and smells amazing when it dries. 

I lather the shampoo all around my scalp to make sure my hair is fully covered. Next I move onto the conditioner. When using conditioner, you do not want it to touch your precious roots! It usually makes hair very oily, so only distributing a quarter size amount of conditioner to your tips is key. 

3) Next, I move onto shaving just to get it out of the way. I personally like to use shaving cream but, soap and conditioner work best as well!

I like to use Gillette's Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel with the matching razor that comes with it. 

This shaving cream has aloe in it which is so moisturizing especially if you get sun burnt and have dry legs! Plus it helps prevent those nasty red razor bumps!

4) After shaving, I move onto the face. First I use Biore's charcoal cleanser to clear my face of blackheads and extra oil on my face. 

This really gets into my pores and is great because charcoal is a natural exfoliater and is biodegradable! 

When I am looking for a better way to clean out my pores and really cleanse my face I like to use Target's Up & Up brand apricot scrub. 

Like the tube says, it's so refreshing! My face feels fresh and clean after I use this and I love it! Plus it's really affordable :)

5) Lastly, for my shower routine, I clean the rest of my body. 

Lately, I have really been into shower gels especially Lush's. Lush's Flying Fox shower gel is my go to shower gel for this summer! It's so fresh and the scent is amazing. Honey and Jasmine in one bottle?!? Why not!

Now since I am a teenager, I get acne. So I use Neutrogena's Body Clear body wash on my back and chest to make sure that the sweat (gross) from the day is all gone and not clogging pores (also gross). 

6) Post shower, I make sure to always moisturize my body! A few things I like to use are Bath and Body Works body creams, The Body Shop's body butters, and EOS lip balm to make sure I am fully hydrated—inside and out! 

*** On special occasions—meaning my really lazy days or camping days—dry shampoo is a good alternative when you don't have the time or desire to take a shower. Now I am not saying to not just throw out everything and forget showering but, c'mon, we all have those days. It happens! 

So I like to use these two dry shampoos on those days. Batiste's Floral and Flirty Blush dry shampoo and Dove's Hair Therapy Volume dry shampoo. 

These dry shampoos are great if you want to just refresh your look or try to go without showering. I recommend using dry shampoo before you go to bed so that the white powder is all mixed into your head when you wake up. Batiste does have a dry shampoo for brunettes and blondes so that the powder isn't so noticable and it matches your hair color.

All things considered, I would only recommend using dry shampoo when you really have to. 

Thanks for letting me share my summer shower routine! Let me know any tips or tricks about how I should improve it and what products I should try out! 

Also, leave comments on what I should post next! 

Xoxo Nat


  1. I don't have a routine. I just stay in the shower for hours just wasting water, before I realise I should probably use products and stuff. Lovely post. Especially, considering the weather. xx

    1. Thanks! Yeah considering my routine, I do have a lot of days where I'm just standing there like half asleep. Haha


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