It's that time again!! My mom and I just went to Bath and Body Works for their semi annual sale and gosh did I find a lot! From candles, body sprays, lotions, creams, candles and much much more. Having a giftcard to BBW already was a total plus because I needed to stock up on my favs! 

The sale goes from today until July 6 so grab all your goodies before they're sold out!

The first thing that I always look for are body gels and creams. I go through so many body gels and creams that I had to stock up on them! 

All of them were under $4! It was a steal compared to their original prices of $12.50!!

The ones I picked out above were White Tea & Ginger, Lush Pink Dragonfruit, and one of their classics, Country Apple. And they smell amazing (especially in a hot steamy shower). 

The last things that I decided (it took a long time based on the options in the store—all amazing) were candles. 

Candles at BBW are my number 1 priority because you can't go wrong with a whole stock full to save for the upcoming seasons and they burn so well and smell so good. 

I grabbed Honolulu Sun, Guava Colada, and (one of Zoella's favorites) Honeysuckle Bouquet! These were originally priced at $22.50 and were on sale for 50% off for $12.50! The smaller one wicks were $6 each. 

With all my purchases at BBW, I saved over $75! (Using a $10 off spend $40 coupon). 

The sale will be going on for a long time so don't rush on over because they do keep everything well stocked but, a lot of scents have gone over the past two days at my local BBW. The selection of things they have are pretty beachy which is awesome for the summer! They do have a lot of classic scents as well like Peach Bellini, Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, and so fourth. 

This isn't a sale to miss! Happy shopping!

Xoxo Nat

What's your go to scent at BBW?

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