When you don't know what to write about...

There comes a time when a writer gets to a point during their writing journey where they have absolutely no idea what to write about. I was that writer. What a better way to get over writer's block by writing about writer's block! And I am going to tell you all about how I normally get over the stressful writer's block. 

The first stage of writer's block is when you start to think of ideas to write about but, can't decide on any single idea and end up frustrated with an empty blank page. Stuck. I could be staring at the wall for hours thinking about what I am interested in writing about for that certain blog. It could take me a couple hours, days... until I finally think of something. 

What I do to help get my mind going...

> spend time outside (even when it's raining I still get inspiration)

> cuddle with ma wittle puppy :)

> eat food ( a ton )

> go do yoga..because of that food lol

> do my makeup and play around with looks

> take a bath (full of lush bath bombs of course)

> read a book

> drink a cup of tea and watch the sunrise

> listen to some tunes... and do whatever else it takes for me to think of something. Something that I would love to write about and be worth sharing to all of you guys.

Starting out as a blogger has been a little bit of a struggle sometimes. Writing is obviously a big part of making a blog and it always has to be something that once I push the "publish" button, I am 99.9% sure is something that I am happy with (.1% because sometimes I need to fix my grammar haha).

Writing takes me to a lot of places and I have learned that I can really share a lot about myself through it and I don't want writer's block to be an issue or a big obstacle that will keep me from writing and blogging.

Hopefully, many of you "blogees" can take a lot from this when you get writer's block and this helps you realize that you should only write about things that you love and truly feel is something that represents who you are.

This is my writing. My life. My thoughts. All on one blog. 

Xoxo Nat


  1. I actually had a really bad writer's block and didn't blog for a whole month. I usually get really into something and just stop caring about it. It's bad! So this really helps! xxx J

  2. Those are some really great tips as I find it quite hard to find something to blog about but the ideas usually come when I am hanging out with Jass but I usually forget half of them! which Isn't great but I still manage to dig some really good ones out of my mind!
    x Jade x

  3. I like to write a few ideas ahead of time so that I can make sure I have a great idea to weite about! I am glad I was helpful! Xoxo


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