How photography changed my life...

Photography for me has been an interest since I was 12. I never knew that you could take a picture so many different ways and change a perspective to affect someone else's view on something. Capturing life and capturing moments is something that i truly love. 
You can always alter a picture and make it better but what you capture is what was happening at that exact moment. I have always enjoyed taking pictures in cities because cities are filled with life and busy people that you'll never meet. You look at a photograph and wonder who they are and where they were going in that moment. It's whats so beautiful about it.

I have just taken a photo class at my highschool recently and have learned so many techniques and styles on taking pictures with a black and white film camera and it's so different than just your normal nikon point and shoot. 
There's so much that goes into making and developing a photo. Whether you capture something that is under or over exposed, it doesn't matter because at least you were lucky for it to come out.
I think I am going to continue this hobby and start digital photography soon. As of now, my iphone6 works perfectly as a mock dslr (digital single lens reflex) camera. I hope I inspire people trying to start photography and leave comments below too!

Xoxo Nat


  1. You should do another photography post, maybe how you edit your pics? X

    1. Oh yeah! Will do! Coming up soon! I hope you enjoy my blog!

      Xoxo Nat

    2. Also, do you have an instagram? I'd love to follow you!


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