Rose Gold Favorites!

Hey Ladies! So the first thing I am drawn to is anything rose gold. When I am in the jewelry section, home section, or even makeup section, I am always loving rose gold (and copper don't get me wrong). I have some rose gold faves and I think I might be doing metal-themed favorites again!

1) Loreal's Collection Exclusive Nail Polish by Freida in Freida's Nude

This is one of my favorite nail polishes for fall. It's warm and adds a certain attitude to an outfit. It's pretty much jewelry for your nails its so metallic-y. I love it so much and it never chips!

2) Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore
I have been dying over this baked blush for months. It's the perfect shimmery gold and pink and it makes your cheeks glow. I'll add a bit of this on my cheeks and it looks like I was just kissed by the autumn breeze.

3) Rose gold watch by Folio

My go to piece for pretty much every outfit is this watch. Not only was it very inexpensive but, it is very practical (and cute)! I love wearing it with layered collared shirts with a cute army green parka on top. It makes every outfit way more sophisticated plus, you know the time everywhere you go!

4) Nexxus Extraordinary Hold Mist
One of the best hair sprays in my book (or blog haha). This smells like you just ran into a field of flowers and holds my curls for the entire day without becoming sticky and hard. Ew. It's a bit more considering that it's a salon product but, who doesn't want salon hair???

5) Rose gold Fido Jar by Target
I am just now re-decorating and organizing and have gotten back into the interior obsessions this month and I have been strolling around the home department a lot more, recently. I was strolling through my Target, as you do, and I found a huge table of these mason jars! I was like, "Why have I never seen these before?!?" and the best thing is, they were on CLEARANCE. So obviously I did damage. You can use this jar for pretty much anything and everything. Like my display above. Absolutely in love.

What's your rose gold favorite???

Xoxo Nat


  1. That watch is gorgeous! I haven't worn a watch in years, but I keep seeing such beautiful ones in blogs I'm thinking I need to get one... y'never know, might even help with my chronic lateness!

    Misia xx

    1. Thanks! I find it very useful and I am in love with it! This one was like $15 at Kohl's. You don't have to spend very much for nice and quality things.


  2. I am an absolute fan of rose gold! I love the look of the baked blush as it has a range of colours in it. Great post and photography!


    1. Thanks! I love rose gold too! I'll check out your blog if you follow me!

      Xoxo Natalie

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  3. I love your photography! Mind checking out my blog, sorry to self-promote xx

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  5. I love rose gold too! I'm obsessed with it! Beautiful article and really nice watch and blush!
    If you want, chek out my blog too http://giulihelen.blogspot.it/

    1. Thank you so much! Of course I'll check your blog out! Follow me on bloglovin too! Xoxo


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