Mini Autumn Lush Haul

It's been awhile since I have been to a Lush store. The one closest to me had to close for remodeling and I have really been missing out on all of the new Lush products being released. I was so jealous of everybody who had access to them! Thankfully, over the past month, our Lush has reopened and is bigger and better than ever. I always find Lush stores (or at least the ones I've been in) to be incredibly cramped and packed with people. It was a much needed renovation but, took the whole summer to redo! At last, I was able to go visit the new store and picked up a couple bits.
The first thing that I have been dying to use is the Yoga Bomb. Of course I have been wanting to use it! I do yoga and it has everything you would want in a bath bomb after you do yoga! Infused with essential oils to calm you, this bomb has notes of sandalwood and ho wood oils that add more of a sweetness to it. Sounds inviting after a hard vinyasa flow! 
Whenever I can go into Lush, I try to pick up a new face mask. I love their promotional deal when you use five pots and bring them back, you get a free mask. Their masks are incredibly fresh and they have so many for every skin type. This Cupcake face mask was created for acne prone and oily skin (keeping teenagers in mind). I love how smooth this makes my skin and how it gets rid of any dirt or grime in my pores.  
I was in the mood for another bath bomb that was more fall based; I saw this beautiful Autumn Leaf bath bomb and was instantly pulled in. The website says that it's made with sandalwood, bergamot, and neroli oils. It really does smell crisp like autumn leaves. Imagine jumping into a huge leaf pile and rolling around in them--that's what it smells like. I can't wait to see what the colors look like in the bath! I love Lushes bath bombs because they're self preserving and last a very long time (without the harsh, synthetic preservatives). You can save it for whenever you're feeling stressed or just need a pick me up on those days. 

I am really looking forward to Lush's Christmas collection and all of their festive scents! What have been some Lush products you guys have been dying over? Any ones I should try next?

Xoxo, Nat

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