My Spring Goals

I know I am posting a little late on here, but you gotta do what you gotta do when a research paper is due in two days! I just wanted to come on here and sort out some goals that I would like to achieve this blooming spring season. A lot has happened to me and my family lately and I thought that I could sort some things out on here and try to make a fresh start into the new season up ahead. 

While it is still around 40 to 50 degrees in Chicago, this upcoming weekend is my spring break. I know many people have already been on spring break or have yet to even have it. I have the amazing opportunity to go to Walt Disney World with my high school's marching band. I am uber excited because the last time I was there was about 5 or 6 years ago. What a better way to end my high school year with a Florida trip?! I can't believe how far this year has flown by already and I graduate in the next two months. 

With graduation in mind, there are a lot more things I need to do before I graduate. First of all, for anyone who thinks senior year is the "easiest" and "most laid back", it's really not. You're finding out about colleges, worrying about prom, getting graduation invitations sent, finishing your final projects and trying to pass your classes so you can graduate, and being asked about everything you don't even know about yet left and right. It's been insanely stressful and I feel like the ACT tests were not on my main lists of things to worry about junior year at all. Hopefully, with all of these happier things, I can move on and just enjoy the last quarter of senior year. Wow. 
I just hope that whichever direction I chose, collegewise, is a good one. And all of the colleges I did apply to are all great choices and options that I have and I know that I will be in good hands no matter where I choose to go. It's just a matter of time and waiting to find out from scholarships that has been holding me back. 

I also hope to just clean out everything cuz SPRING CLEANING!! My ocd this season has been pretty on edge and I have been trying to get my room situated and tidied up. I already have a pretty clean room, but my closet needed major help. I took out all of my shoes and cleaned out some bins I had filled with crap. I feel like tidying up your space really helps tidy up your mind and it's made me a bit more calmer knowing that my space is organized. 

Also, speaking of clearing minds, I have still been doing yoga if any of you have been wondering. I have been keeping up with it and sculpting almost three to four days a week. I really love it and I feel like I can see my body changing and getting incredibly stronger. If you are wondering about joining a yoga studio, I would definitely recommend it. Many yoga studios have free trials and you never know what you might find to end up loving. It's one of my favorite ways to stay active. 

I'm hoping this season will bring more happiness as it starts to get warmer and things pick up around my house a bit. It's been tough, these past couple of weeks, so I'm ready to move on and start a new chapter. Sorry about my later posting! 

Photos courtesy of Ellaby Rohde

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