Blogging Update & News

Hello everybody! I hope you all have had a really nice week! The cold front has finally arrived in Chicago and it is so cold. I actually had to still rake some leaves, which is amazing considering that it's December. I'm pretty excited for snow. 

As a little update, this post is going to be a bit short and I apologize if anyone was looking forward to my normal content. I was just sitting here with my mom and I was talking to her about how I blog and the schedule that I follow. As of now, it will still continue to be every Tuesday and Thursday. However, lately, I have felt like I need to focus more on putting out great content that I am proud of, so for this month I think I am only going to post once a week. 

I have realized that I have been pretty consistent. Like maybe too consistent. I really have been hashing out posts back and forth. I think I can do a way better job and just try to post once a week and see how that goes until January. It'll be a refreshing break for me and I will still post just not as often. I want to say that I will post every Tuesday because that just works for me. I will also have more time to take better pictures and write more than normal. 

I apologize again for the inconvenience to anyone looking forward to two posts, but this is very temporary. I am actually so excited for my upcoming gift guide posts and hope you all enjoy and get inspiration from it. It's healthy to have breaks like these and to lay off some time to actually do better work. I wish everyone a great weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday for my next post! 


  1. I get what you mean, sometimes I personally feel like I post things for the sake of it in order to stick to my schedule. Keep up the great work with your blog :)


  2. Your puppy looks so much like my puppy!



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