Kiehl's X Disney Holiday Collaboration Set

My final festive post of the season is going to be a small review of my new favorite high-end skincare brand. Khiel's skincare is great for sensitive skin types and all of the products don't have artificial fragrance or harsh chemicals. I was always kind of interested in the brand, but it was until recently that I decided to finally give it a shot when I saw this limited edition Khiel's X Disney Skincare Set that actually contribute to Feeding America, which is another reason I wanted to pick this up. Plus, uh Mickey Mouse? Yes, please!

I was really impressed with these products and can't decide which ones are my favorite because I love them all. 
On the far left is the Ultra Facial Cleanser. I am always up for trying out different facial cleansers to see which ones work the best. I love the First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser, but this one might be a new winner. I think it does a better job of keeping my skin soft and smooth while taking off all of my eye makeup that never comes off. 

I am also loving the Creme de Corps Hand Cream. It is unscented, like all the products, and is the most moisturizing and healing for my dry hands and legs. I always make an effort to put some on before I go to bed and it is definitely a nightstand staple. If I feel like my hands or elbows need more love, I'll use the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. It reminds me of a very thick ointment, which instantly relieves really harsh, dry or cracked skin. 
I also really like the lip balm that they have. It's more of a salve and is very powerful for helping dry lips. I feel like Khiel's a very heavy duty skincare brand that works better than a lot of drugstore skincare does. I always try to spend less on skincare, but now that I realize it, spending a little more on one of the most important, protective barriers on your body (skin, duh) are worth it.  

I think I gravitated way more to the Facial Cream and actually wished there was more of it. This is probably the first one I have used in a while that doesn't burn my dry skin. Can anyone relate? Every now and then I get dry patches by my mouth and my forehead. I've only had this set for a couple of weeks and am almost out of this! NEED MORE! I think this set is awesome for beauty and skincare lovers, Disney lovers, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, or all of the above. It's actually a very reasonably priced set for $30. A steal! I want to wish everyone a warm and cozy holiday and will probably be back with a New Year's inspired post, because 2018 is almost here baby! 

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