A Holiday Gift Guide for Her

I promised a gift guide and I have to be honest, this is probably the best one yet. I already have all of my Christmas shopping done, but for those of you who have yet to have checked some people off the list, I have the perfect gift guide for any woman in your life! Or maybe something for yourself! I think that this time of year is too hectic and people need to do some yoga. Take a breath and chill out. I hope my guide can inspire some last minute gift ideas! 
I think probably one of the perfect gifts to give someone is cute, matching pajamas. These thermal ones from Target are probably the best and warmest pair I have ever owned. They were on sale for ten dollars and I couldn't resist myself! The green and red holly design are so classic and festive for this season. I am definitely wearing these Christmas morning. 
I think perfume and cologne are things that I will always accept and love if I got them as Christmas gifts. Many women have their signature "scent" they love, and right now, I would say mine is Jo Malone's Peony and Blush Suede. However, the Pomegranate Noir comes in at a close second and is the sweetest and warmest for this time of year. 
I always believe in over moisturizing or being a bit more strict with it during the colder months. I just purchased my first glossier product and it is now one of my favorites. The Coconut Balm Dotcom skin salve is so thick and hydrating. I focus it more on my lips and my knuckles. It's great for anyone, really. My dad even likes this stuff because it helps with his cracked skin so much. It smells amazing, too. 
I also just splurged on a new skincare set and also my first Kiehl's skincare purchase. I think gift and value sets are the best way to get a variety of products to try out and getting more for your money. The Disney X Kiehl's Hydration Essentials Set has five great hydrating products and also helps secure 212 meals through the Feeding America organization. 

I think it's incredible that brands collaborate with service organizations especially when more people are buying things and more people are in need. My favorite product out of this set is probably the facial cream. It is so nice to put on at night and wake up to really smooth and supple skin in the morning. 
I also think getting someone a nice pair of sunglasses is also the way to go. The Round Flash Lenses by Rayban are probably my favorite pair of sunglasses I've owned in a long time. Something very 70s chic about them and they are perfect for any time of year. I just think a lot of people would love to have an investment pair of quality sunglasses. 

I hope this guide has helped or just inspired people to check something off their list! I know it's hard to think of something for everyone so this might lighten the load a bit. Also, it's the thought that really counts at the end of the day. That's all that matters, right? 

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