Spring Hair Refresh

If you didn't already know from my instagram or other social media (links on my homepage), I actually just dyed my hair. It was time for a change and I am obsessed with the balayage trend. That said, I've kind of switched up or have been using some fairly new products for awhile for my lob hairstyle. My look when I usually curl or style my hair is with texture and loose hold. 
I actually have two dry shampoos that I have been using on occasion. The first one is the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing dry shampoo in toasted coconut. It is probably my favorite drugstore dry shampoo so far. It reminds me of vacation and the best part is that it gives your hair more volume and texture while also getting rid of the excess oil. 

Another dry shampoo that has come in at a close second is the Herbal Essences Bio Renew dry shampoo in cucumber and green Tea. I honestly am not a fan of cucumber, but the combination is just so refreshing and nice. This one doesn't add texture, but is probably better at cleaning my hair more than the NYM's one. Both are great and inexpensive options! I use them interchangebly when I feel like it. 
I also can't seem to like any other hairspray I try, but the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray is the best one I've tried. It's high end in deed and there are rumors that they have changed the scent, so hopefully if I repurchase it won't drastically change my thoughts, but my main love for this is because it doesn't leave my hair sticky and keeps the style held and in place. 

My hair journey is very relaxed and isn't as drastic or as adventurous as other people's, but I like to keep trying things every now and again. What have you tried lately? 

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