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Recently, I got the honor of being able to try out one Esqido's famous Mink strip lashes and eyelash glue. I've only talked about lashes on my blog once or twice, because I don't normally wear them on my everyday look, but I am always curious and open to trying out new ones every now and then. 

I would also like to disclaim that I was sent these to try out for you guys and also my poor application job. I'm still learning as you can tell, but in no way did my sloppy application take away from the quality and comfort of the lashes. I gave them two good goes and I think I did a better job the next day I wore these. Just takes practice! I'm also a fan of the stylish rose gold packaging and was impressed by the look of the case that the lashes come in. 
According to Esqido, the Mink style lashes are "the most natural looking false lashes" and I couldn't agree more. I ended up choosing the Radiance lashes. These lashes are a new addition to the collection and are light volume. I really wanted something that didn't look so drastic and dramatic on my eyes, but could be noticeable and add more curl to my normal lashes. 

I personally think my lashes stick out really straight and I find it hard to curl them with the curler sometimes. So, I was curious to see how "false" these actually looked on. They even have more lashes that look even more subtle than what I have on. 
As for the glue, I was surprised that the tube was almost a full tube of mascara. I loved the metallic details and sophisticated type on the packaging. I'm really sensitive to glues and made sure that my skin wouldn't react to it first by putting a dot on my hand. The long applicator made it easy for me to get enough glue on the lashes, as well. 

After I easily got them on as close as possible, I put a layer of eyeliner and just a swipe of mascara as I normally would. I was in love with how they curled and gave the butterfly effect I adore. 
As for the wear of the product and how it performed, I was really impressed. They stayed on pretty much all day. I had no sensitivities and they never came off or unstuck from the glue. Taking them off was no issue either. It was so satisfying to just peel it off my lid and not have to worry about gross glue residue, even though I did cleanse my face after. 

I would say one critique I have is that for the price of these lashes, around 29 dollars, I have definitely tried some drugstore lashes that are a fourth of the price and almost, if not the same, quality. I was really pleased with how fast they came in the mail and customer service was helpful and quick with fulfilling my request. 
I was surprised by Esqido and see why a lot of beauty gurus love these lashes. They add way more glam and are perfect for completing looks. Personally, I've found satisfaction in drugstore lashes because I don't wear them as often and can't dare spend 30 dollars on lashes all the time, but it was nice to be able to try some high-end ones to compare. 

I would love to try out more styles if I could in the future, but knowing me, I might just stick to plain 'ol mascara. Do you like the look of false lashes? 


  1. Lash application is all about practice and I can totally relate to you there! These lashes look super pretty x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk


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