Staying Grounded After Traveling & Looking Forward

Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all of the states I've visited this summer. A lot—I know. As some of my friends have said, I've caught the "travel bug".

This summer was probably the most I've ever traveled and managed to actually pay for. I do have to say, my bank account is crying just a bit, but I still have two weeks to recover and make some more money babysitting before I go back to school on September 1st. 
It has been unbelievable getting to travel and explore so much of the US and getting to see all of the people I love. I've been very lax on my blog writing, but my social media presence has shot through the roof. So yes, I do admit that I've sucked at getting posts up, but I've got a lot planned as school comes around the corner.

I've traveled so much and have honestly learned so much about what kind of traveler I am and what I need to focus on when I do travel a lot. It can feel like you're never grounded in one place and like you are all over the place. However, being with people I love and care about always makes me feel more at home. 

I had to make a choice of traveling a lot or finding a job of some sort because I knew I didn't want to sit around all summer. Don't get me wrong, traveling is hella expensive and I was lucky enough to have the savings for it all. I took a train, a plane, a car, a bus to wherever I needed to be. 
One of the things I try to remember when I'm out and about is to appreciate the time I get to spend with the people I'm with and the memories I make with them. Travelling can be stressful, overwhelming, and very unpredictable. On my trip to Washington, DC, I lost my luggage. Little things like that including plane delays, traffic, weather, and all of the inconveniences can start to add a ton of stress to a trip. Learn to adapt and be flexible to those things. 

This year was my year of traveling alone and learning how to find my own way without the guidance of my parents. It can be hard for a lot of people to be able to ask for help when they need it and I've become more comfortable talking to strangers and being alone for extended periods of time. 
Since I will be moving into my apartment this year for college, I feel like things are going fast and a lot of new things are happening in my life. I got used to being in college last year and I'm ready to apply myself more, join more things, and take up opportunities that come my way. 

I feel like there's pressure to do everything you can to make the most of college and I'm feeling that hardcore right now. I feel like I need to have an on-campus job, join more clubs, meet more people, see my friends, get an internship, and maybe even study abroad at some point. I'm so excited to see what this school year has to offer and I'm also ready to be grounded in my studies and routine. It'll all be a healthy adjustment in the next couple weeks. 
I've seen so many sights and new things this summer. It makes me crave travel even more. However, nothing more than just being in the city of Chicago makes me feel at home. The best thing is that Chicago and my school are so diverse and I never feel like I can't learn about other cultures and backgrounds being at home. 
It has truly been one hell of a summer that I will remember forever. The places I've been and the people that made it even more special have opened my eyes to travel in a totally different and liberating way. I feel secure when I travel and also get a sense of adrenaline not knowing what's in store for me at my destination. 


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    1. Haha thank you! It was definitely a summer to remember! X


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