The Best Chelsea Boots I've Ever Owned.

Every year I think I wear out my winter shoes and find myself always on the hunt for winter boots—chelsea boots in particular. I just love the look of them and their durability in the elements. The main pair of shoes I wear are strictly boots and tennis shoes during the winter. I'm one of those people who own only like three pairs of boots and ends up wearing one of them every day. I'm a big advocate when it comes to finding really great quality shoes, even if it means spending a little more. I mean you wear them on your feet! 

After probably a month of endless online boot searching and really deciding if I wanted this specific pair, I decided on the Timberland Courmayeur Leather Chelsea Boots that I happened to get discounted at Macy's and sadly they don't carry them anymore. I think Instagram ads made me buy them, but oh well! Because look how cute they are! I was not a huge fan finding out they were real leather, however, I know that Timberland is a pretty respectable brand and the quality of the shoe is amazing regardless. They source their hides from acceptable locations throughout the US and places that cattle have been raised under the USDA guidelines, whatever that really means, so they strive to be aware and responsible for their animal welfare. I know this is a very important factor for some people, so I wanted to credit that. 

The simple and minimal design of the shoe itself is just the look I was going for, but the chevron stitching and craftsmanship of the shoe blew me away. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but they're also so easy to slip on and the tread makes it better to walk through snow and ice on undesirable Chicago blizzard days. All of the Chelsea boots I could find had pointed toes, and I really was happy to find that these were rounded and had a bit of a platform as well! As opposed to the classic Timberland work boots I've seen everyone wear, I'm glad I didn't jump on the bandwagon because these are the best boots I've ever owned. 
I never feel guilty when it comes to investment purchases and things I know I'm going to get wear out of. Especially things you can wear during winter weather conditions and need to have when unpractical boots get you stuck in the snow or you slip on black ice. For some reason, I struggle to find boots I love and I've had some other Chelsea boots that were cheaper and wore out faster. There are many options out there, but I was so pleased to find these and hope Timberland keeps them coming! 

The price of these and the material is something to consider, but I believe in quality made shoes and it was about time for me to switch out the old ones I wore so much. Some brands I would also recommend for Chelsea boots are American Eagle Outfitters, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. They have a wide variety of boots, but nothing that really struck my interest. Has anyone else been on the hunt for anything lately, especially for the holiday season? 

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