My 2019 Goals.

As the holiday season transitions into school season, I want to say hello to the new year and goodbye to the last. My prolonged break was way overdue and I had a nice time off with family and friends. It was a chance for me to reset before I take on new beginnings. As I sit here and write this on my unmade bed, I'm finding it hard to know where exactly to start—a lot has happened in 2018. Good and bad. 

I finished my first year of college which was surprisingly fast. Now that I'm starting the second quarter of my sophomore year, I'm going in more confident and reassured that this winter is going to be a good one. With all the gross weather Chicago brings in the next coming months, I need to keep focused, stay motivated, and remain warm! It gets to the negatives people! With that said, I'm trying to take advantage of all the opportunities I can and I want to make sure I get a little more out of my comfort zone. Traveling a lot this past year alone has taught me a lot about myself and what I'm like independently and how I can adapt to certain situations. 

I learned a lot about myself in 2018, but I'm ready for what the new year will bring. I worried way too much last year, I dwelled on little things that never mattered, I forced things to happen, and I blurred out the most important things that truly matter. This year is a new slate. Resolutions aren't really my thing but acknowledging growth and change are. Here are some things I would like to work on this year:

01. My Anxiety and Constant Worry
This is always a big one I want to work on because it's always there. No matter what my anxiety thinks, it will never go away. It can be controlled. This year I want to be aware of the bad thoughts and let them pass more often. Either by continuing yoga and a well-rounded routine, I know that I have come to manage my mentality a lot more. However, it seems as though I can never just be content with where I am or what I'm doing. I spend so much time obsessing over what could have happened and what will that I don't enjoy now. So, when moments like that arise, I want to be more aware that I need to keep my eyes on the present and find the good things more than anything.

02. My Perfective Nature
With constant worry and anxiety comes a need to be everything I want to be and have everything I want to be perfect. Now I'm not like someone who has to constantly fix one little imperfection after the next but in my mind, I envision ways things should be. Either by my own idea of how it can be or the people on the internet who tell me I'm not living up to standards. There are so many comparisons and self-evaluations in us that can really sway our ability to appreciate what we already have and what is good. Rather than thinking, I need this specific "thing", time is much better thinking about the great friends and family in my life that are more important than anything materialistic or superficial. 

03. Internet Habits
I'd say over the past few months, my social media habits have been lower than normal. Unfortunately, there are times I still get sucked into the social media scrolling trap and am sucked in like most. I have noticed though that I'm not as "perfect" with my posts. Surprise, surprise. I've tended to care less about pimples or wearing the right clothes in pictures. Sharing moments that are the most real to me and not giving a crap about what people think or how many people see it is something not many people are capable of doing these days. I have about 270 followers on Instagram, due to my hacking, and I could care less if I'm short of 1000 whatever people I don't even know. I may be a blogger, I may be savvy online, but sacrificing authenticity and realness for it is not something I plan on doing.
04. Moderation of Things
I really push myself to stay productive and hold myself to schedules and routines. I don't give myself leeway to be flexible and to relax as much. I'm always my best when I have things to do, so this break really made me adjust to not having due dates and deadlines or a million other things I have to do. I want to be able to let myself take a break, have a sleep-in day, get ice cream and pizza when I want to,  and don't hold myself back from buying things I want. I resist a lot from the things that might make my life a bit more enjoyable because, well, they cost a lot, might make me fat, or make me even more guilty and undeserving. I've decided that living a life of restriction is something I will not thrive with. If I want a pair of $50 shoes, I'm gonna get them. I know that I save money, can find a means of making it, and shouldn't live my life worrying about whether or not I am going to regret it later when I could have spent the money on textbooks. Textbooks

05. My Purpose of Doing
Sometimes I find it hard to really think about the reasons we all do things—selfishly or on a more global scale. One example is my writing. I realize that I don't reach a very large audience probably because I'm not insanely savvy or social media popular enough to have one, but more than ever have I been a fan of the content I'm creating. I was really unhappy with the way I was plugging and chugging content just to meet a schedule. So, thinking back to the reason I write and why I want to share personal endeavors and rants with you all is something that brings me release and is actually very therapeutic. If I'm uninspired and tired, I find that I just make my worst work ever and probably should wait until I hit that spark again and get back on my feet. Breaks are necessary because then I'm mindlessly doing things without any purpose or without value. I want to take this year to put my focus and effort into things that bring me purpose and value—even if I don't feel like it one day I don't want that to discourage me. 

Here are some smaller aims...

-Travel abroad
-Redesign my blog
-Try out a barre gym class
-Run more
-Drink more water
-Have more girl time
-Be present 
-Buy more investment pieces
-Read more books (granted I read 4 this break!)
-Write for quality
-Take more photos with my camera
-Delve into my passions
-Get out of my comfort zone
-Try new foods
-Socialize more 

I know I'm not perfect, but the new year is promising and having goals set is a lot more gratifying and motivating to me. I want to make blogging this next year a lot better and focused than the last. While I wish I had thousands of people reading, I know that continuing to do what I love will be the biggest payoff. 

It's hard to keep a steady mind with everything else that's going on around us, but I think self-reflection is necessary for us to keep going and growing as human beings. I have faith in the new beginnings and chapters that this year may lead and am looking forward to a fresh start. As I transition back into the swing of things, patience please, I am planning a lot of more great things to come!

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