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Recently I made a little hair change, one that was very needed. No, I did not chop it all off, but it's that time of year when things change and I needed a refreshed look. I got highlights last year and it kind of faded out into a muted brown color that just didn't do my natural hair justice. 

My good high school friend, Natalie Grollo, knows her stuff! She has magical styling skills and I would highly recommend her to everyone looking for a freshen up or even a brand new do.
Sometimes change is good, even if it's just changing something about your look. I wasn't totally for sure about what I wanted to do to it, I just knew I needed something that looked like my natural hair, but better. 

I feel like I'm going to get addicted to getting my hair done because the result is just unbelievable. Also, I just love sitting in the chair and chatting with the stylist, it's very therapeutic. We decided on a honey blonde balayage for my hair and I am beyond pleased. I didn't want to lose the length or add layers, but Natalie really achieved the color I was hoping for.
At the end of my visit, she recommended me a couple products that she used in my hair. I'll be honest, I'm not too keen on using a ton of products in my hair and I usually don't style it on the daily, but she suggested I used color locking shampoos and conditioners without parabens or harsh chemicals. Of course, I was interested because I want to maintain this hair color for as long as I can. Drugstore products, while tried and true, don't always cut it. 

She advised me to use a small amount of the Amika Vault Color-Lock shampoo and conditioner to ensure that my color stays put for a few months and not to wash my hair as often as I normally do, which is sometimes every day after I work out. Not only does this shampoo and conditioner smell so floral and fresh, but it is also made with soybean oil, to protect the color from fading and stay vibrant. It also is made with an amino acid blend that strengthens my hair shaft and roots and boosts its overall health. 
I am the queen of texture, so this Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray had to be added to my basket. When I do feel like adding an extra oomph to my hair, texture sprays are my best friend. Rather than just sticking my head with a stronghold hairspray, this gives it flexibility and added playfulness.  

Doing your hair can be as simple as a clean new cut or as drastic as a totally new color. Whatever it is, I think everyone deserves to change it up a little and reinvent their look this season. It's a nice way to get back on your feet and work it. 

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