My June Goals

People ask me if I'm on summer yet—I'm not. I'm still in school, but that's okay! I like being productive and having a schedule keeps me grounded and focused. However, this past Memorial Day I had the chance to take a road trip down to Missouri to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and definitely the pool. Breaks like those are the best because you get to worry less and rejoice in eachother's company—something I need more than I think. So, yes summer is nearing around the corner and so is June. 

There is so much going on in June. May was definitely a busy month for me academic wise, but I have one big trip abroad in two weeks! If you forgot, I am going to France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Other than that, I am finishing up finals and taking advantage of the time I have over seas. 
These next two weeks in June I will be working my butt off, finals is in the next week and I have been pushing through all of my assignments and group projects. It doesn't make it easier when all of my friends have already been done with school for the past month. 

I'll be honest, I do have a bit of apprehension before going to Europe. It's my first time and only friends I know have been and experienced long distance travel. I know eventually I will get adjusted, but the fact that I don't know how I am going to adjust when I get there can make me worriesome. Before study abroad trips like this one, my instructors meet with everyone to lay down logistics and how everything is planned out—more or less, travelling leads to unexpected delays or obstacles that you just have to adjust to. I'm curious to see how well I can handle these situations and be aware of it. 

My goal for June is to just simply enjoy it all by being as present as I can be. I know it will go by extrememly fast and I'm lowkey already missing it because I know this trip will fly by. My plan is to take a lot of pictures, but to control my technology use while I'm there. I know wifi and all that will  not be as strong anyway, so making the real memories will be more than enough for me. 
Another goal I have while I'm in Europe is to be spontaneous. You know, try new things, say yes to more opportunities, get out of my comfort zone a little, and talk to the locals. There's so much I could worry about while traveling, but that's so much time wasted when I could be enjoying moments freely. I've been in the midwest my whole life, and there's so much to explore out there, I don't want to take it all for granted. 

I am really lucky for how far I have come, there are so many things ahead of me. It almost seems unreal at times the things you can accomplish in such little time—and then it's already past you. If I can inspire anyone, I would advise you to think about where you are right now, the things that drive and move you, the people that surround you, and the memories you could be making instead of just looking at your phone and swiping your life away. 

What you want is already out there, so how are you going to achieve it? 

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