The Best Summer Shoes.

Stepping into a new school year with Vans. I love Vans. They're the perfect in-between of a Ked and a Converse sneaker. Vans are labeled as "skateboarding" shoes, but so many people wear them as casual walking shoes more than they do skateboarding. One of the reasons I love them is because they're flat. I have flat feet and because they're made to be used on skateboards, the bottom "sticky sole," is to ensure that your feet stay on the board or the ground for that matter. 
The color range and designs of Vans amaze me. I chose the Vans Old Skool Pro Marshmellow and Black skate shoes. For all the colors I had to choose from, I stuck with a classic neutral. As much as I love white shoes, I was able to avoid the whole white-turns-into-yellow situation by just purchasing a pale yellow color instead. There's something unique about owning a pastel shoe and also just the classic black stripe in the middle that I love. 

It also has mesh along the sides to ensure durability and suede on the toe, which is something I've never seen on a sneaker. I feel like Vans are becoming the new Converse of our age as I see more and more people wearing them. I already have three pairs and am eager to find new styles and designs. 
I will link, here, to the other pair of Vans that I own so you can check out those, too. Vans has a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes for you to choose from and I would really recommend checking them out if you're due for a new pair or are curious to see their options. I would honestly love to be a Vans ambassador or something, ha! 

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