Hanging Around on Labor Day Weekend

I've always loved a good, long weekend. I mean, who doesn't? An extra day to do nothing is the best. Knowing me, an extra day means an extra day to prepare myself for the short week ahead. Mostly an extra day to relax and rejoice in other people's company, read a book, do some yoga, and eat some ribs! Truly the best. 
On Saturday, the parents and I drove down to visit my younger sister, Emily, at Valparaiso University in Indiana. She is a freshman studying Kinesiology and has adjusted quite well! It was nice being on campus and also bringing Cooper along to go see her. We had lunch at her fave, Culver's, met her sweet roommate, Sydney, and played fetch with Cooper on the quad. 

Exploring downtown Valpo on a nice, breezy Saturday was all we needed. Especially their cute square with boutiques and artesian coffee places. 
On Sunday, I connected with my best friend, Mikayla, who's my sweet friend from high school. It's always a nice time when we get the chance to hang out. We are the brunching buddies! I don't know if there's a duo that loves brunch so much more than we do. We walked around downtown La Grange, which I always forget is so nearby and a lovely place to explore, and ate at Blueberry Hill Cafe for the best banana pecan pancakes and bacon. 
It's so nice catching up with friends and just enjoying each other's company when you can. Yesterday we had ribs with the neighbors and a chill day reading magazines and doing a whole-lotta-nothing. I have one more week of summer left, so I've been trying to use the most of my free time reading, getting things ready for school, writing for the blog, and working on my internship! 

You don't realize just how great free-time is until it's gone. I'm usually one who loves to make the most out of a free day and be as productive as possible, but lately, I've just loved not doing much as time gets nearer to the busier days. What did you do over the long weekend? Or better, what didn't you do? 

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