The Home Office Tour

I have been seeing an abundance of dinner tables converted into home offices, "soft offices" or just people's beds converted into offices, some really killer home offices that were built for actual work, and some really creative set ups, so I was inspired to share my at-home office. Which I'm actually quite proud of. 

What has evolved from a makeup vanity now into a dual-purpose vanity and desk has become my place of production and zoom meetings. As a kid I'd use it to play school, pretending it was the teacher's desk, but now I get to live out my 10 year-old fantasy and write all of my assignments, blog posts (even this one I'm writing), and participate in class at my desk. 
I keep my productive spaces pretty organized, and I think a lot of my friends from school can abide by that. I am the most focused when I know where everything is, the main tool, my MacBook Pro, has been my saving grace through all of this. As a matter of fact, my camera has been broken for the past month, so Zoom meetings have been less awkward to say the least. 

As you can see, I have a small gold tray that I bought from Target's Project 62 line, wouldn't we all love to go back to Target? I linked a similar one I found and I love to keep my makeup brushes, perfume, or Q-tips at hand because you never know when you need a quick Zoom session touch up. I also have this really quirky eyelash mirror. Folder organizers are also the way to go, I mostly love them because they hide all of my legal pads I use for notes. 
Next to me, I usually have some type of liquid. I have been loving citrus infused water and hot tea. It gives me a boost and isn't something sugary or overly caffeinated. I'll have my AirPods handy, as well as, a note pad or a weekly to-do list to keep track of my online assignments and meetings. Rifle Paper Co. makes a lot of pretty ones that are functional and pull off like a sticky note. 

I have also been really into these blue light glasses, although I don't know if they actually work or if I'd just gave into the trend. Staring at my screen all day does strain my eyes, but I've not worn them enough to find out if they have lasting benefits. All I know is that I feel more productive wearing them, so maybe that's a hidden plus. 
I think everybody needs a sufficient desk lamp. I brought this one back from school and I use it every day. The lighting in my room is nice, but during the afternoon or when Chicago decides it'll be cloudy and snow, I feel like I could just take a nap and not do work. This one was also purchased at Target (who could have guessed). 

Above my desk is usually a wall calendar. I always buy the Paper Source ones that have pretty landscapes or national parks on them. Once the year goes by, I cut off the bottom calendar part and keep them as wall art instead. All of their calendars are more than 50% off, so I would highly recommend giving them a quick browse! 
I know this is a weird time and a very different adjustment to our every day routines, especially for those who have never worked from home. I am hopeful that this will not be the normal routine forever, but uplifting each other by showing the ways we get productive and maintain our daily routines always helps me stay motivated when times are hard and confusing. 

Trying to stay engaged online as a college student has presented its challenges, but remembering that I have a support system of professors, advisors, family, and friends makes it just a bit more doable. What has your work-from-home routine looked like? 

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