My Summer Carry Out Essentials

Since summer has been different, to say the least, my family and I have been continuing to take precaution when we leave the house. I think it's valid to say that after all of that staying at home, many of us have felt like we've needed an excuse to get out. Even to the grocery store. On occasion, my mom and I will hit up some stores, but we're still really weary of where we're going and if it is even necessary to go there. 

With that said, I thought I would share some of my carry out essentials and what I bring with me if I do plan on going out. Obviously masks and hand sanitizers are no question, but I have found that the contents of my purse are purposeful. If you have known me for a while then you might have seen me just carrying around a wristlet let alone my phone along with it. 
This cute orange bowling style bag has had me swoon. Unlike the large bowling bags I've seen on the luxury purse market, I picked this little guy up from TJ Maxx. You'd think that since this purse has such a defined round shape that it would hit you on the hip, but I've adjusted the strap just right so it's not sitting awkwardly on my hip. Here is a similar dome satchel I found by the same brand, Isabelle, on Poshmark. 

I always have some type of small beauty product in my bag depending on where I'm going. Either perfume, lip balm, lotion, you name it. The ChloĆ© Nomade perfume has been my absolute favorite scent to wear—even if I'm just going out to buy groceries. It's a warm floral, perfect for summer and fall. With hints of oakmoss, freesia, and  mirabelle plum liquor, you'd think it's a sophisticated fragrance, and it is! If you don't love really sweet or floral, but more musky and warm scents, this is the fragrance for you. The travel size spray bottle is indeed a plus. 
I always make sure to have at least two masks in my bag wherever I'm going. You never know if you might lose one, someone in my family forgets one (although unsanitary, I wouldn't recommend on the regular), or it gets dirty. No one likes the feeling of a makeup covered mask, so you always have to be prepared. I love the Athleta Everyday Non Medical masks. They come in a pack of five neutral colors. At first, I thought the blue mask would be more of a navy color, but mine turned out to be teal and I can't complain, it's so cute! 
My carry out essentials definitely change from time to time, but I think it's good to only take what I really need with me. I couldn't possibly ever go anywhere with a huge bag full of stuff, it's not ideal for me. Now when I do need to go somewhere, I am more mindful about what is truly necessary—masks and hand sanitizer are the number one essentials and I would hope everyone feels the same way. We have to be cautious, thoughtful, and smart about where we are going, what we are bringing (or what virus we might be bringing), and use our best judgement always. What are some of your carry out essentials? 

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I think we will be taking the hand san and masks out with us for a while to come. What a cute TKMAXX find too!
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk


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