Welcoming Newness in May

May is one of my favorite months because there's just so much promise now that the weather is actually stable and it seems like a lot of things become a bit more certain this time of year. Trees are pretty much fully bloomed and everyone is getting ready for summer. This month of "newness" has lifted my spirits for what's to come because I think that's all what we need at this point in time. I am fully vaccinated now which has reassured me that things are looking forward as more and more people become immunized. 

I've got a lot going on this month, so I thought I would break down my goals in May for you all. I'm excited for something a bit more certain, and if sunshine is the only thing I can count on, I'm all for it! 
01. Finding a job has been on my radar these past five months and so I've been conducting virtual interviews left and right, maintaining my connections, and continuing to stay optimistic as I continue to put myself out there and apply to things. I haven't had any offers yet, but am getting follow up interviews for a couple internships, am taking some required writing tests, and am staying hopeful that I will receive some good news from one of the companies that I've applied to. I'd love to write a more specific blog post on this process and keeping positive during it because I know it's hard to stay confident during the job interview process, and doing it all from home is definitely different. Fingers crossed I hear back within the next couple of weeks.

02. Getting ready to graduate...virtually. I still can't comprehend that in about a month I will be graduating from college. I think I am more than ready to start a new chapter, but experiencing my senior year from home has been lack luster. Although, I know that staying home was necessary, I truly miss some of my friends who I haven't been able to connect with in more than a year. With that said, I've been planning a graduation photo sesh with some of them, so stay tuned! DePaul is having an in-person graduation celebration, too, so I guess it's nice that there will be at least something we can do to celebrate. I'm just excited to cater in good food and have a bonfire with a small group of friends! 

03. Working on my fitness and getting my health in check has been so motivating these past couple of weeks. Mentally, I am determined to continue setting aside time for myself to workout for at least an hour every day, even if it means waking up at an abnormal hour in the morning just to get a run in or take a yoga class at the gym I just joined. Most days are different and don't consist of the same workout or exercises, which I think it key to staying motivated and to continue having fun with it! Switching up my exercises, whether it be running one day or using the rowing machine the next has allowed for me to be productive with these workouts and focus on specific parts of my body I want to improve. With mixed rest days and stretch days, I've been able to start to feel like my strong self again. 
The abundant sunshine we've had has definitely brightened my mood, but I also think that this month is a reset and a chance for me to let newness into my life without hesitation. Getting a little uncomfortable and taking risks is only going to allow me to grow, so I am one with the process. What's on the calendar for you this month? 

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