Some June Joys

It's crazy to say that I'm already a week graduated from DePaul. When they tell you freshman year that time flies by in college, it never really dawns on you while you're cramming for exams until you submit your last project of college on a random Monday evening. After I *virtually* graduated last week, I was able to rejoice and relax with close family and friends for about two days until my internship at Golin started. So, I thought I would give everyone a little beginning of summer update. 

The New Job!
I haven't officially introduced Golin, but for those of you who may not be familiar, they are a progressive PR agency in the heart of the Hancock tower. Their biggest client is McDonald's, although there are countless others such as Wal-mart (their newest and what I've been working on), Crayola, José Cuervo, and Allstate to name a few others. 

As an insight and analytics intern, and during this six month virtual internship, I will be cross functionally working with the strategic planning and analytics team to do trend reporting and social listening to inform the best insights and observations on all brands they are currently working on. I have been welcomed with open arms and I cannot wait to learn from the best in the industry! 

Summer Happenings...
While my internship is going on, I have been able to make the most of my summer evenings: heading downtown to local beaches, celebrating with some Top Golf, reconnecting with school friends, eating good food (mostly pizza), going on late night drives, and taking spontaneous weekend getaway trips. Having a lot of places open, especially roof top bars and being able to go to Cub's games, has made this summer already feel like we are back to normal. It's made me realize just how good it has been and how grateful I should be with the people I have around me. 

This summer I actually have a couple of trips planned. The first being our annual summer camping trip up north in Petoskey, Michigan. Since I will be working, it won't be our usual ten day excursion, but we will still be able to celebrate my dad's birthday weekend up there and I'm so excited to get back to the lake—our happy place. With that, I will also be visiting my old college roommate up in Detroit, so I will be making all of the rounds up north this month! 

I've made it a goal to visit as many national parks in my lifetime, and I'm so excited to be able to head out west to the Yosemite later this summer with the fam (and because camping isn't enough outdoors for us!). My dad has really been the planner for this, as it was his dream to visit, so we'll make the most of it for a week and hopefully not get eaten by bears LOL. As far as that, those are my big summer plans and this new chapter has me feeling excited and ready to learn. I will definitely be soaking it all up (including that vitamin D) and making the most of these long summer days ahead. 

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