My September Goals.

Change is on the horizon my friends. The last heatwave of August is upon us as we enjoy the most of these longer sunny days. Summer has always gone by with a blink and the beginning of June seems like eons ago. With a newfound sense of normalcy, this summer was more than it was cracked out to be. 

For me, it was a time of rejoicing with new and old friends, getting my physical and mental wellbeing at a stable place, putting myself outside of my comfort zone and embracing new discovery whether it be by travel, new people, or a new job—turning 22 of all things—and finally feeling like I am more than ready to take on whatever may come my way this fall. So, I thought I would circle back to my monthly goals and let you all know what's on the agenda for me in September. 
01. This year I did more traveling than I thought, which I am truly grateful for. 

Over Labor Day weekend I will be squeezing one last trip of the summer to visit my best friend in South Carolina before who knows what will happen in the world come fall. Rolling with the punches has been the theme of this year, so my sister and I are going to soak up and make the most of this (maybe?) last trip of the year before we hunker down when the season changes. We're planning on going to their first football game, but I think the highlights for me will be spending our morning at the Soda City Market and beaching it up in Charleston. 

02. With the thought of soaking up the final days of summer, I am so eager for all things fall and cozy vibes. My favorite season, not to mention everything that matches my golden aesthetic, always gets me excited for changing leaves, crisp evenings, bonfires, Oktoberfest, all things pumpkin, and the obscure and dark vibe of autumn that actually fits my alternative music taste. The Lumineers just hits different this time of year and I am ready for it. That AND fall-themed posts, sweaters and cute boots, cozy TikToks, movie nights, and oh you know the exuberant amount of self-care nights I am going to have. 

03. Being open to change and not regretting life for what it's worth. I dwelled on so many things in my past that it blurred what could have been my enjoyment of the present—a good friend told me that no matter what you do, never regret life. 

It was definitely something I needed to hear in that moment in time, but need to echo when life comes at a crossroads. Especially when life at home becomes stagnant. Leaning on those I care about makes life so much easier and grounded. 
04. Taking my curiosities to the next level and continuing to challenge them. Speaking more broadly about my creativity, but also in the work that I am doing with Golin! This time of year, when school would be top of mind, I don't want to stick to a plateau of work or learning where I am not constantly stimulated by new ideas. 

A lot of my job is trend research and understanding what people are talking about, but if I don't dig a little deeper, I might not take my own curiosities into consideration and probe an even more intricate perspective—and that's okay! However, I know that when I finished school, I didn't want to be done learning and my team members are constantly teaching me new things every day. I just need to be proactive in those discoveries. 

05. On a lighter note, I have felt very good in my skin lately. Many thanks to rejoining the gym this spring, but also a metaphorical weight that was lifted off of me when remote work only requires me to throw on a nice blouse and maybe some mascara every now and then. 

With that, I've felt more comfortable and at peace with the fact that I don't have to look "presentable" in order to contribute or feel productive. I just feel more authentically me and that's what really matters. 

I am already embracing the turning months with a big, warm hug and I hope you are too! What are you looking forward to in September? 

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