A Moment of Gratitude

In the bliss of letting go and the leaves falling in what seemed to be one night, I am harnessing gratefulness for all that is good and have been taking the month of November to reflect on where I started and where I am now. I've been a bit of an introspect lately, taking in the warm moments after the weight of this year and I feel like the majority feels the same. 

Turning Over a New Leaf
This month I landed my first full-time job. I am overjoyed, but I will be honest, it came with a bit of bittersweet overwhelm when the moment hit me that my schooling days are behind me. I will be kicking off my career with the same PR agency, Golin, that I interned for over the summer as an Associate Analyst for these timeless brands: Walmart, General Mills, and Ferrara. 

Surrounded with support and a passionately driven strategist team, I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead for me at a company whose mission is to challenge the status quo, lead with informed and data-backed insight, and build on the collaborative minds around us to create transformative work. Based in the John Hancock Center, I've been lucky enough to make my way into the office a couple times a week and am still somewhat in shock that I get to work in one of the most iconic buildings in Chicago. I actually start in my new position today and am grateful to be working at a company I love that is going to nurture the start and growth of my career. 
Letting Time be Gracious
Okay so I may or may not be watching Adele's One Night Only on CBS as I'm writing this next section, but it resonates so well with what I'm about to talk about. Patience has been a godsend for everything this year has brought me. When there were moments when I was dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, the best of what I was going through was when I either waited or sat with what was right in front of me. My vagueness comes with protecting those around me, but the true lessons I've learned come with time and sitting in the discomfort of time. 

With this new chapter, new career, and new excitement for how the next year could go, I am leaning into the essence and trust in time. Time will work things out and with time, I will find my way. 

I should write songs with Adele, I feel like we'd vibe. 
So, now that the Adele show is over...the Natalie show continues. I can't leave on a sappy note, so the last couple months of this year has been revealing to me what I really want—people who choose me, doing things that I love, and leaning into the discomfort with deep appreciation and gratitude for having every day, every laugh, every chat, every person who makes this life—my life—a special one. 

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