My Fall Goals.

I write this on the first day of fall. And satisfyingly enough, the weather finally feels like it too. Crisp air, wet leaves, cozier evenings in--and the occasional scent of campfire or burning leaves. I love these months because things just start to settle down. 

Many tend to dread what comes after fall, but I see it as a time to reset. Pause and reflect. From the business and constant that summer brings, I'm looking forward to the release of fall. 

01. I am going apple picking this weekend with my boyfriend and as much as I prefer going pumpkin picking--which we will definitely be doing--I just couldn't help but plan a fall outing as soon as possible. I'm not even that big on apples, but just the act of going out to an orchard gives me all the fall feels. Last week I made an apple crisp, watched Twitches, and made apple cider mimosas...so I take that back. But what do you do with half a peck of apples? Make another apple crisp I suppose.  

02. Re-engaging with my creative habits has always been a motivational and inspirational challenge for me. But after traveling to Europe this summer, I came back with a fresher mindset--and it helped that I was transitioning into a more creative position at work, too. 

I find myself to be creative in other ways, like my constant love of rearranging or decorating my room...I don't think I can resist myself. Or the fact that there are new autumnal throws at TJ Maxx that I just simply cannot live without. 
03. Working on my mental health journey has been a constant. And with the sentiment of letting go during fall, in addition to my realization that it's okay to seek help when you need it, I have contemplated going to therapy which I think would be a healthy step of gaining an unbiased perspective of the things that go on in this 'ol little brain of mine. Even as a routinely practice of just checking in and not feeling like I have to carry the brunt of my own thought bubbles.  

04. Speaking of health, this month I've learned to just listen to what my body needs. Not punishing myself for missing a gym day or a yoga class, but rewarding myself for getting my heart rate up, moving my body, or just knowing that I'm taking the necessary steps to feeling better in my body. Feeling more energized and making conscious decisions each day. That's all I can do. And to live a healthy and balanced life, I need to take care of myself the way I know best. 

05. Goal setting has been the theme of the month for me. Paired with confliction of taking next steps in my life and where I'm headed. Things got a little too comfortable a little too fast, and what traveling taught me this summer is that I don't want to be static. I want to be moving. I want to be progressing. I want to be growing. I want to be certain about the choices that I make.  

But that comes with giving myself grace and realizing just how far I've come. Being grateful for the things I DO have. And having trust in the process that things will work out as they're supposed to. Letting go. 

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