My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Since I have been loving Essie nail polish a ton lately, I thought I could show you guys my collection! Essie nail polishes are not the cheapest nail polishes, they go for about $8.50 each but, have in mind, I have collected these over a period of 3 years (probably should go through them all but, they just so pretty!). The quality of these nail polishes are the best and I can't seem to find any others that compare. 

Starting from top left to right:
1) Go Overboard
2)Butler Please
3)Turquoise and Caicos
4) Aruba Blue
5) Where's my Chauffeur?

Middle from left to right:
1) Forever Yummy
2) Chinchilly
3) Wicked

These mini Essie nail polishes are from the 2014 fall collection line and I found them at Kohl's one day. I'm sure you can find these colors in the regular sizes as well.

Bottom left to right:
1) Peach Side Babe
2) Double Breasted Jacket
3) For the Twill of It
4) Watermelon
5) No Place Like Chrome

This was just a quick blog I wanted to post for you guys and I am really impressed with Essie and their line. I feel like they have every single color you could want to go with any outfit and they last for over a week and the color pay off is amazing. Doing my nails can seem like a tough chore to do because I always have something else going on and I completely ruin my nails. Essie never stays wet and dries instantly. Plus, there's no annoying smell that stays in your room for a long time. I'd say, for a pretty pricey nail polish, this is worth saving your money for.

Xoxo, Nat

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