This Year's Fall Fashion Trends and Necessities!

Fall is just around the corner and I am soooo excited! I'm preparing for this seasons fall trends and I'm here to share the ones I have seen and worn with y'all.

1) Stripes
Stripes this year are all the rage. Forget looking like a prisoner (some people might say), stripes are totally in this season and I'm pretty sure I own more than 5 striped pieces in my wardrobe. Whether the stripes are vertical or horizontal, dress, top, or pants, they can add so much to an outfit. That's why I love this Maroon Forever 21 t-shirt dress so much. I kind of use it as a shirt and wear leggings under it with a cute pair of boots or sandals. You can also layer it with a jean jacket or a pleather jacket if you'd like.

2) Maroon
I also mentioned maroon (a deep dark purple-y red if you don't know), which is also a very very popular color worn for this time of year. I don't know where it came from but, why didn't this color ever exist in the fashion world?? haha. I feel like nobody ever wore this color and now it's became a total trend. Trends seem to always come back and evolve I guess.

3) Tunics
As I was saying, trends always seem to come back, tunics (long shirts), are coming back as well! I have been wearing so many, especially this Cooperative Summer Tee that I love so much. They are great with leggings and jeans and can be layered as well.

4)High-rise Jeggings
Jeggings are my go-to pants for this season. Since they're half jeans and half-leggings, who wouldn't buy them?? They're the most comfortable faux jeans in the world and they look like jeans! Mine are the American Eagle Hi-Rise Jegging and I love them to death! They're super stylish and go with everything! I love pairing them with long sweaters and flowy tops.

5) Collared/turtle neck tees
So one thing that I was very surprised to come back was turtle necks but, in tee form. The collar is back. I'm still deciding whether I like the look on me yet but, I love this grey Cooperative tee I mentioned above from Urban Outfitters. It's light and flattering and totally able to be layered.

6) Saddlebags
Every season I pick out a new saddlebag. I like the versatility, the shape, the look, and the space. Oh, and the shoulder strap of course, that always comes in handy. I was not able to find a link to the bag I have above however I have found one style and price comparable here UO Messenger Bag. I love how my bag and any saddle bag can dress up a casual look. Clean and sophisticated.

7) Cat-eyed Sunglasses
Sunglasses like these have finally made their way back from the 50s. Whether it's a full on cat-eye or a subtle cat-eyed pair like mine above, they always add a bit off "attitude", if you know what I mean. My pair, Forever 21 Cat Eye Sunglasses, are so cute! They go with anything and everything and shape your face and flatters it. What more could ya need?

8) Slip-on Canvases
Oh my gosh. My favorite piece of all time. My shoes. My Vans. The Perforated Vans are my favorite pair of sneakers you could imagine. They come in multiple styles and colors and can be worn with anything. They are also pretty comfy, a little hard to break in but, well worth it in the end. I wear these normally with rolled up jeans, capris, and leggings. Especially going on trips I love to wear these so I can easily slip them off in security and on the plane if I want to. I highly recommend these shoes more than converse. For a little bit more money, your paying for a better quality, better looking, and an awesome shoe to show off to all of your bffs.

9) Bracelet Stacking
As a highschooler, I am open to many trends and I have recently been noticing bracelet stacking to the EXTREME. With Lokai bracelets (I did a post on them here Lokai Bracelet Review and Purpose) and Alex and Ani Bracelets, Alex and Ani. I feel like bracelets and bangles always add the final touch to an outfit and I love wearing my bangles and Lokai with pretty much everything!

10) Watches
My rose gold watch is my all time favorite watch to wear. Especially since it's ROSE GOLD. Every one is back into watches and you don't have to pay very much for one either. They are totally in this year and sometimes I forget I'm even wearing a watch and ask people what time it is!

Is there any trend I missed? Leave comments below!

Xoxo Nat

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