Fall Style | Ripped Jeans and Plaid

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a little Fall outfit photo shoot so I can show you my looks for this season! Enjoy.

Long Sleeve- HM
Sports Bra- Pink
Jeans- Kohl's
Shoes- Toms
My favorite things to wear during the season are my Toms and rolled jeans. Especially these black ripped jeans I found at Kohl's one day. You can dress up or down an outfit with distressed jeans and I love the casual look as well!

I have also been loving olive green to wear during this season with my Alex and Ani bangles that I am just obsessed with. I think that green really complements my skin tone and is perfect for Fall! 

Bracelet- Alex and Ani Om symbol
Nail Polish- OPI Bastille my Heart

Plaid Shirt- Kohl's
Puff Vest- Kohl's
Sunglasses- HM

Layering is a must this season! Being a cold person, I am constantly taking on and off layers to keep me comfortable during these chilly, yet sunny, months. I am in love with plaid especially paired with this puff vest and my riding boots!

Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters
Boots- Delia's

I hope this inspired you guys for this season and helped anybody who doesn't know what to wear!

Xoxo Nat


  1. i love this outfit, you look gorgeous perfect for autumn :) x x


  2. Love the bracelet!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award :) ...http://allyadores.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/liebster-award.html

  3. Thank you! I'm honored! I wish I had time to do it right now but, I don't :(

  4. Hiya, I was just wondering... I'm not American and I was wondering what Kohl's was? haha xox

    1. Oh! It's just a big clothing store, I guess it's like a Primark or TK Maxx (correct me if I am wrong haha I don't know any stores in Europe) in a way. I don't know what to compare it to but, they have really inexpensive clothing that's really cute! You could maybe check out their website at kohls.com and maybe it'll bring up the American website. Xoxo Nat :)

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    3. Okay Gracie! I just did some research and Primark is pretty much like Kohl's (pronounced Cole's). It has clothes and homeware at decent prices so yeah there ya go! Hope this helps haha.

      Btw I wish we had a Primark here lol but, we have Target so I guess that's okay.

  5. You cutie, you! One of my favourite things about blogging is seeing the lovely outfit, but also to see the surrounding of the country/town/city of where other bloggers live. Thanks again for your positive words on Instagram. I think your blog is awesome and actually, it readers/bloggers like yourself that inspire and motivate me to do better too! Hope your weekend has been fab. I'll pop back here again to say hello soon! xxx

    1. This is why I love blogging too! Connecting with people is what I truly love about this experience. You have given me a ton more confidence on blogging and I can't wait to see more posts from you! I'll stay up to date with all things secretary! Hope you have had a lovely weekend as well! I'm glad I got to meet you and get your input. Stay lovely as always xoxo Natalie

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