5 Best All-Over Powders | Get Your Summer Face On!

Hello lovely people! After using a ton of powders over the past couple weeks, I have found the perfect five that I absolutely love to use. Powder foundations and pressed powders are great for oily skin (like mine) and also for setting your liquid foundation. I sometimes prefer to simply put under-eye concealer on and dust powder all over my face when I don't have enough time to apply a whole face of makeup. I have a lot of favorite powders and it looks kind of weird that I have so manyI guess they just pile and pile in my makeup collection, and that's so okay! 
I am going to give you guys the full, in-depth, scoop about the best powders that I have discovered. Some are: more coverage than others, more expensive than others, and some are translucent and some are not. It just depends on your preference and that's why I'm here to share them with all of you!
Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder in Translucent Extra Coverage - This is a new find that I recently added to my collection. I heard Tati, one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, always rave about this powder and I wanted to know what was up! So far I have been using it for about a week now and I really love it. I have the shade Translucent Extra Coverage so it's a bit more thick than the normal translucent. They also have a number of other shades that you can match to your skin-tone if you don't prefer translucent powders. I have really liked using a translucent powder over my makeup so I'm not like caking a bunch of makeup on. Plus, it doesn't cover any other face makeup you already put on.

With this powder specifically, I have noticed that my makeup lasts all day without getting oily at all. It's getting hotter and hotter as the months lead into summer and my skin just gets shinier and shinier. This powder prevents any speck of oil. My skin also feels incredibly smooth after I pat it into my skin. There's a little drawback and that's because it does give off a very musky scent but, I think that it adds to the whole aesthetic of the powder; it looks like something you would use in the 50s in a little ceramic powder jar! Besides that little detail, I love how it comes with a little puff! It's so helpful and doesn't make a mess at all. I really recommend this loose powder if you are looking for a great oil-free one!
Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation in Medium- At first, I thought this was some mosaic bronzer since it looked so colorful and gold-ish. To my surprise, it wasn't. But, since I was a little pale when I got this in the Laura Geller Beautifully Nude set, that you can read about here, I have been using it as a way to darken up my face a bit. Over the past week, I have been outside a lot and I think I have tanned enough to start wearing this as actual foundation. 

I really liked this powder, as it's my first of Laura Geller's collection, and I think it's really nice to use on those really lazy days when you don't want to bother applying a face of liquid foundation. During the summer, I kind of lay off the full foundation routine and go lighter with just a powder and this is great for that.  
Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Powder Foundation in #105-110- Covergirl has been like my go-to makeup brand ever since I first started makeup. I have loved their powders for a long time now so i thought I could include two of my favorites. This one is from their new line, Ready, Set, Gorgeous. I did a more detailed review of it a while back, here. This one is similar to the Laura Geller powder because it's not translucent and it's more full coverage. It's another great foundation powder to use when you don't want to use liquid foundation. It covers up pretty much all blemishes and keeps my skin matte for the most part!

Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural- This powder brings back so many memories from when I was in middle school because it was pretty much the only makeup I was allowed to use back then. My mom would hand down her old Covergirl powders (kinda ew) to me and I would get to use the rest of it. This is a very light powder and works to really set your liquid foundation. You can wear it without any other makeup for a really extreme natural look, which I normally have done over the past years.  
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Transparent- It's a classic in the beauty guru/lover world and I have to add this to the list because it's just so good. It's another great translucent, pressed powder, and it really does what it says; it keeps you matte! It comes in seven other shades so you are more than likely able to find one that best matches your skin! This one is very easy to travel with and to use as a touch up because it's so thin and light. I think I have another one of these powders in my travel bag because I use it all the time, everywhere! 
I know I have a lot of powders but, they're all so amazing! I highly recommend these to anybody looking for a new powder to add to their collection. I use powder almost every day and it's become a staple in my morning routine now. I can't leave the house without making sure I'm all matte and oil-free! I hope this helped anyone in need of a new powder to try. I also hope you all have a great start to summer because today was my last day of final exams and I am ready to break free! Summer is finally here at last and I can't wait to see what journey it brings to my blog! 

What's your absolute, holy grail, powder? Any I need to try next?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I love the Rimmel one too, it's great!

    xo, Liz

  2. The rimmel one will always be my favourite setting powder. Its great. X


  3. I love tati and she is also the reason why I bought my Coty Airspun powder in the first place!! I really love it and I feel like it lasts for ages :)
    Kathy x

    1. Tati gives amazing reviews and one day she just said it was one of her all time favorite powders; the powder is amazing!! I am always scared to use loose powders because of the mess but, this one is well worth it! XX