Final Exam Survival Guide

Hey guys! Ugh the ever-so-anticipated post. It's finals week and that means stress, stress, and more stress. But, not so fast! I have the sacred and very helpful tips and tricks you need to survive (or maybe to just pass) your semester exams/finals, so don't fret any further!

In my town, it's finals week. Every school district has different exam schedules, but since I have only two weeks of school left and my exams are coming up in the next couple of days, I thought that I could share the things that I make sure to remember and do in order to fully succeed (or at least pass the class...because it's the end of the year and I understand that some people get a little 'lousy' with studying and putting in work haha). I like to make sure that I start the studying process and prepare at least a week before my finals. I know that some people prefer to start like three or two weeks before, however, I still have like projects due and other work to finish up. So, my school has at least 3 days of finals. They set up a totally different schedule because you need at least an hour for each test. It's different for everyone so this may or may not apply to you.
1) Start Preparing
I know that this is kind of a given but, to reiterate, the only way you'll ever make it close to passing is by preparing for the exam. Make sure you have all of your study guides, notes, and books in order to make sure that you have all you need to study with. Ask your teacher for past study guides with the answers on it or go through you old notes and staple the important papers you need together to make it more organized.

2) Organize
I think that it's important to have a folder or some sort of organizational system to help you de-clutter all of the worksheets or notes you have received over the past semester. You could probably skip this step because I know a lot of people don't really care about being neat and that works out fine for them but, for some, I know that it might be a struggle and a hassle when they have to go back and find all of their work from like two months ago. 
3) Plan Out Test Dates
I would advise planning out when you're going to study and when your tests are. I like to write them on my calendar and make sure I'm not late to any of them. 

4) Find a Strategy That Works Best 
A lot of people have different things they like to do to study. For me, I like to make sure I have all of my study guides done (some of my classes don't provide finals study guides, though) and if I have like vocab or notes, I use a whole stack of flash cards to study with. Sometimes I go to my public library with a group of friends and use my note cards to review. At the end of exams, I'll have like four stacks of note cards. When you make flashcards, you're pretty much reviewing as you write them down. When you're on the go or if it's right before the exam, you could test yourself easily with them. 

I also like to ask my teacher about the exam: What to expect, how many questions, things I will need to know or not need to know, stuff like that. It's good to just check in with your teacher before the exam and ask questions you are unsure about so you make sure you know what to expect during the final.

Remember that it's about finding your way of studying. Which ever works best for you and makes you the most comfortable is best. If just reviewing your notes or re-reading the chapters helps, do it. No one's stopping you from getting that A+!
5) CALM DOWN!...
Normally, the final exams are only 20% of your overall grade. It doesn't determine your final grade so chill out! I know a lot of people are like, "Oh my gosh I'm gonna fail the class!", no you're not. It would probably only bring down a couple percentages if anything. 

I had a really bad habit of stressing out over the final exams. Since I am on my third year of high school, I have learned that it's nothing to really worry about. Don't get me wrong, you need to take these exams seriously so that you can get a good grade and pass the class but, if you don't study "enough" for one of the tests, just calm down. YOU WILL BE OKAY.

6)...And Relax
Everybody needs to take some time to themselves and just take a break every now and then. If you are in between studying, take a little nap or eat some food. It's only healthy to give yourself breaks every now and then especially during finals. I like taking a bath and using a little bath bomb or essential oils to calm myself down. I like to do this the night before the finals, too!

7) Worry About You
Worry about what you need to know and what you want to accomplish. If just passing or getting a B in the course is what you want, don't worry about the other kids that always get A's. Study what you need to study and focus on what matters most. All tests count and yes, strive for that A+. Realistically, it's pretty hard to get all As in your classes if you aren't like those other kids that get them all the time. Worry about yourself! 

8) Manage Your Time
Manage your time while studying and taking the test. Don't procrastinate. Do make time for studying and taking the test. You want to make sure you give yourself a comfortable amount of time and also make sure you finish those tests. 
The Night Before...
  1. Make sure you have all the things you need: your backpack, ID, #2 pencils, your calculator, a snack, water, comfy clothes, and anything else that your teachers tell you to bring. 
  2. Don't cram. I have done this in the past and it doesn't really help. Sure, you can review notes but, don't stay up till 3 a.m. doing a bunch of study guides you forgot to do. 
  3. Relax: read a book, take a bath, listen to music, drink some tea, do some yoga, meditate, eat some ice cream, watch a movie. Do things that will make you calm.
  4. Go to bed early. Everyone tells you before exam day to do this. Get good sleep and don't stay up binging that Netflix show. 
The Day of...
  1. Wake up early and get ready as you normally would. Don't sleep in and miss the bus! 
  2. Eat a good breakfast to fuel your body.
  3. Don't forget anything.
  4. BREATHE... INHALE...EXHALE... you will be fine!
During the Test...
  1. Take the test with the intention you set at the beginning of the whole studying process. What did you want to achieve or accomplish? 
  2. Remember what you already know. You got this!
  3. DON'T CHEAT... it's stupid, don't do it. 
  4. Manage your time... Like I said before, make sure you finish the test. 
Maybe these things will or will not benefit any of you. Or maybe you have heard these from your teachers already and don't need these tips. Whatever helps and works for you! Take these or leave them, I just thought that these would be very helpful for you guys who might have finals soon. You will all do amazingly on your exams and I wish you all good luck for the next week or two on all of your tests! 

What are some tricks that help you study?

Xoxo, Nat

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